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Buy New Amazon Kindle online| Buy New Amazon Kindle from outside US

Updated on December 9, 2011

New Amazon Kindle

New Amazon Kindle is a revived model which is the result of enrichment to all the features. It is 30% lighter and 18% smaller than old Kindle.

New Amazon Kindle with 6" screen and lighter than paperback fits in the pocket!

Amazon released the lighter and smarter new Amazon Kindle. You can buy New Amazon Kindle eBook reader from this site. All the features of new Amazon Kindle provide better usage experience to eBook readers. As you know Amazon Kindle is the best and most sold eBook reader in the planet. Kindle is well known for its attractive sleek design and vibrant display. New Amazon Kindle is a revived model which is the result of enrichment to all the features. I am happy to introduce New Amazon kindle with its unique features which makes it splendid. I got a lot to talk about it and will do later. Kindle comes along with the great cloud power provided by Amazon along with cutting edge technology. New Kindle is slimmer than the old one. You can buy the top famed gadget new Amazon Kindle for just $79 ($109 with shipment charges for non U.S residents). As you know the love for eBooks increases day by day and statistics shows only 8% of the people who owns an eBook reader will prefer to buy casual books!

Let’s have a look on the lust towards Kindle for last few years. I have done a study about the eBook readers from internet. Amazon Kindle buying rate is doubled every year. Amazon Kindle is the second most used electronic device to read eBooks after PC. Kindle is trusted more than an Apple’s ‘i’ products. Official Kindle sales report is not yet released, but evidence shows that one third of the eBook buyers use Amazon Kindle. To enhance the reading experience the makers introduced the latest version new Amazon Kindle which is lighter, smaller and faster than the previous one.

Where can I buy new Amazon Kindle online

New Amazon Kindle is available for all countries. You can buy the new Kindle from The link to buy new Amazon Kindle online is provided here.

Amazon is the largest online shop and Kindle is the ever best product from Amazon. Amazon also provides guaranteed shipping delivery where you can choose a shipping speed. They will show the guaranteed shipping dates.

Buy New Amazon Kindle online (for non U.S residents)

How to buy New Amazon Kindel outside U.S

Non U.S residents can also order new Amazon Kindle online, Use the link provided along with this text to buy kindle outside U.S, Amazon accept product orders from all parts of the globe. Kindle is ready with international shipment. New Amazon Kindle is available to non U.S residents with a small additional shipment charge.

New Amazon Kindle
New Amazon Kindle

Who should buy new Amazon Kindle

Amazon kindle is best suited for regular book readers who love to keep this habit in their leisure hours. Those who wish to shift to eBook reading from casual books, Kindle is the best choice. New Amazon Kindle is a good option for the current Kindle users also; you can give it as a gift to your dear ones. New Kindle is ultra slim and lighter than the old one. As an eBook reader Kindle is a good choice for children too; parents need not worry about the wide misuses of tablets and netbooks. When comparing prices with other electronic gadgets, Kindle comes with an attractive affordable cost even it holds the premium technology. This is a great reason for the increasing love towards Kindle.

Free Cloud Power from Amazon

Amazon is one of the top most cloud storage holders among the internet giants. Amazon also promise automatic library back up, so never worry about losing the eBooks. Every eBook in the library can be re-downloaded. Built-in Wi-Fi is provided with Kindle to connect with Amazon cloud.

What is new in Amazon Kindle

The new Amazon Kindle is a revived model of the previous one. The main attraction is the price of the Kindle; this marvelous technology is available for just $79! New Amazon Kindle can be obtained for just $79 plus $30 if you opt for special benefits. The price of new Amazon Kindle is very less compared to tablets and other eBook readers. None other can provide this unique design and performance with this price. I am giving the best features of this product.

Simple to use: New Amazon Kindle is 30% lighter and 18%smaller body than the old one. 6” screen size will fit inside your pocket. Kindle is ready to use; no setup, no software or computer to install and download content.

Kindle Owner’s Lending Library: With Amazon prime membership, Kindle owners can choose thousands of books for free or to borrow and read. Free books include hundreds of books listed as New York Times Bestsellers.

Built-in Wi-Fi: Built in wireless support will enhance the connectivity to Amazon cloud. Book downloads will take place in seconds.

Advanced E Ink Display: New Amazon Kindle’s latest generation E Ink display gives clear and crisp text and images. It is well designed to reduce eye strains, because of this reader could use this for extended periods and deliver the best reading experience. The E Ink display make it looks and reads like real paper. Kindles screen reflects light like normal paper and use no back light, so you can read eBook even in bright sunlight. Like LCD’s it won’t get faded. This electronic ink creates print like text similar effect in normal book.

One Month Battery Life: Amazon Kindle can be used to read books for up to month with single battery charge. Full battery charge is attained by a three hours charging.

Whispersync: Amazon’s technology to synchronize last page read, bookmarks and annotations across the device, so you can start from where you left on the last use.

Ultra Fast: New Amazon Kindle’s powerful processor is tuned for fast and seamless page turns. Search one book and start reading with fast wireless delivery.

New Amazon Kindle 2011


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