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Buy renewable energy sources online today!

Updated on December 28, 2009

Is this not beautiful?

Why buy renewable energy sources?

There are a lot of different reasons to buy renewable energy sources. As a matter of a fact there are probably as many reasons to buy renewable energy sources as there are options for different sources of renewable energy.

It may be that you love this ol planet of ours and worry about the noxious by-products of burning fossil fuels. The global warming argument is a very persuasive one for investing in renewable energy both on a large scale and on an individual scale. 

Not everyone uses the global warming issue to motivate them to want access to renewable energy in their home. There have been enough arguments against man made global warming due to the burning of fossil fuels to keep some people skeptical. If you are one of these people I have some reasons for buying alternative energy resources that should make sense to you. These are some very practical reasons and I hope to win you over with them.

My reason for wanting sources of renewable energy are very selfish actually. What motivates me is the money, my energy bills have been going up by an alarming rate! The cost of fuel to the energy companies has gone up and down, my costs have just gone up. I, perhaps selfishly, do not want to totally depend on these greedy companies and I do not want my hard earned money to fuel their greed. This reason has nothing to do with the environment and has everything to do with where my money goes. I personally do not like feeling like I am being robbed by big business, maybe its just me but I doubt it.

If the environment is your reason for wanting renewable energy I have the very easy job of showing you that buying renewable energy products online is a good idea. If you are not convinced by the global warming scare I hope that I have appealed to your wallet and can help you see how you can save your hard earned cash from lining the pockets of greedy companies.

Solar panels as a renewable energy source.

The technology behind solar panels seems to be coming along in leaps and bounds if the reduction on their price is anything to go by. A complete Solar Charging kit on amazon is at the time of writing this only $270. Now I don't know what your electricity bill each year is but mine is enough to make this a very tempting kit to buy. If you live someplace that gets good sunlight through out the year this is a pice tag that could be made back in savings pretty fast.

Even in a place like where I live, London UK, where sunlight is not in enough abundance to keep us from complaining about the weather solar panels can still help the average home owner to make a real saving in there energy bills. We might not get the kind of sun light that folks in california get (thats where my family lives) but we get enough for smaller kits to be able to pay for themselves relatively easily. If you can save the equivalent of $105 in a year then some of the smaller kits can and will pay for themselves in a year and each year after is profit. If you really miss giving your money away after your solar charger has paid for itself feel free to contact me for different ways you can give that money away, I am sure I can think of something! Joking aside what you have to ask yourself is this: Why wouldn't you want to reduce your yearly electricity bills when they are almost certainly going to go up year on year?

How about a Wind Generator?

What article on sources of renewable energy would be complete without discussing wind turbines? A pretty poor article that is not actually complete at all! I find wind turbines pretty exciting actually. Yes you may call me a dork if you wish, she gets excited by wind turbines? What a dork. The thing is, wind happens during the day and at night. It is in the deserts and blows fiercely at the poles and everywhere in between. You might not get much sun but can you really tell me you don't get wind?

The only argument against wind power is that its not predictable. It is true that heavy winds are not regular or predictable unlike the sun. We know the sun will be out during the day and not at night but the wind is less predictable. It is very reasonable to think that it will take longer to make savings equal to the cost of a wind turbine then a solar panel would. In my searches I have found some pretty expensive wind generators. They will not save your money as fast but there are options. With a little searching you can find wind turbines that are half the price of others and this is all on the amazon site! The most expensive one I found was over 2 grand. I will not be displaying that one in the ads on this page. The cheapest one I have found so far is a much lower $450.

My strong belief is that this technology will continue to be developed and refined and this will help to bring the costs down in the years to come. The driving force to the continued development and refinement of any technology is public demand. If you have been thinking about buying a wind turbine for your property what you want to keep in mind is this, your purchase will help drive industry to continue perfecting this technology. By buying a wind turbine now you can help to keep industry motivated to produce better and better wind turbines. Your purchase might help someone less able to make the initial purchase to make the purchase in a few  years time. 

Business will always go where the customers are and they will compete for those customers if they cannot create a monopoly. This means that you as a consumer have a very large vote on what business do, it is your wallet that gives you that vote. What you do with the money in your wallet is up to you.


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    • kirstenblog profile image

      kirstenblog 8 years ago from London UK

      Hi Chelsea, I can imagine that would have been a real pain to loose the power for so long when it was so cold! An alternative power source sounds like a must in Eastern Canada. Think of the savings during the more pleasant times of year too! My dream home would have solar, wind and a water wheel in a gentle river or stream :). I would be covered any time :D

    • Chelsea Forster profile image

      Chelsea Forster 8 years ago from Montreal

      Backup solar units are also great to have in case of a blackout. I'm looking into getting one for my house. I've lived through a 2 1/2 week power outage in minus 30 degree Celsius weather in Eastern Canada (so I'm a bit traumatized)!!

    • kirstenblog profile image

      kirstenblog 8 years ago from London UK

      mpurcell10 I totally agree. I do respect that some people do not feel the way I do but I still think there are advantages to having alternative and renewable sources of energy, global warming is just one reason. When I was a kid I thought everyone would have solar panels in their houses by now, it just makes sense to generate at least a little of our own energy. Maybe by the time my kids grow up they can see that world I imagined.

    • mpurcell10 profile image

      mpurcell10 8 years ago from Arkansas

      I wish more people cared before it is to late.I know its hard to live a full life and still cut back but there are ways if we just look.

    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 8 years ago

      Thanks -very good info- I hope it comes about more and more.