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iPod Touch

Updated on March 17, 2012

World, meet the iPod Touch. This is the product that will truly rock your world. It's not new, but it's definitely hot. With so little competition (Microsoft Zune) it's not hard to see how Apple has made such a successful product. It's possible that even with more competition, Apple would continue to dominate the market with superior products at competitive prices.

Apple launched its first generation iPod in October of 2001. Since then, Apple has turned the idea of a portable device that plays music into a thing of the past.

The iPod Touch (sometimes referred to as the iTouch) is less of an MP3 player and more of a portable personal computer. This device has it all and more. We all know the classic MP3 player as a device that held your digital music and played it back through your headphones or speakers. But not anymore!

Like some previous iPods, the iTouch brings the normal music, movies, and photos compatibility. But it doesn't stop there. The iTouch gives you access to email and internet when you're within range of a wifi network. And then as basic features if gives you access to Google Maps and YouTube (as well as their own iTunes and App Store). Three massive, powerful companies joining together. Within the App Store you can download some very useful apps for free. Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace are all big-name social networking sites that have apps on the iTunes App Store for free.

3G iPod Touch
3G iPod Touch

Of course, there are apps you can pay for. Mostly the App Store is jam-packed with games from you favorite classics like Duck Hunt and Pac-Man to modern games like Zombie Farm and Angry Birds. You’ve also got your helpful apps for finding movie times, keeping track of stocks, and other things you might have thought your iTouch wouldn’t be good for.

The latest, 3G iTouch is available in an 8GB, 32GB, and 64GB models. Prices start at $180 but if that's out of your price range you can find used and refurbished iTouchs for even less!

So what are you waiting for? Get your iTouch today!


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