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Buying MP3 Sports Players

Updated on January 9, 2010

Do you own an mp3 player? Chances are that you do indeed own one of these music-playing devices. However, many people are starting to replace their standard stand-alone mp3 player with a multi-purpose device such as a mobile phone that can serve the additional purpose of storing and playing music. It’s great that we have the option of using these multi-purpose devices but that doesn’t mean that the stand-alone mp3 player is going to become obsolete. Many people are interested in retaining a stand-alone music-playing device and there are a variety of reasons for this.

One key reason that someone might be interested in keeping their stand-alone mp3 player is that they may use this device during times when they don’t want to carry around a gadget that is as heavy, clunky or potentially breakable as their mobile phone. A perfect example of this is the person who is planning to engage in some sort of sports activity. He may want music while he’s working out but he doesn’t want to take the chance that his extreme activity is going to do damage to his phone. The solution for someone like this is to get a highly durable ultra compact mp3 player that is designed specifically for the purpose of playing music while you engage in exercise.

The Purpose of the MP3 Sports Player

The reason that someone would want to get one of these devices instead of a traditional mp3 player or a multi-functional device that can play music is for the purpose of listening to music while engage in sports activity. These devices are designed to be very compact and lightweight so that they won’t hinder your workout in any way. They are also designed to be durable so that you don’t have to worry about harming them when you’re running, hiking or otherwise engaging in the kind of exercise that could pose a risk to other devices such as mobile phones. Many of them are even designed to be waterproof so that you can use them when engaging in sports activity near water. Moreover, these devices are affordable which means that even if it does break, it’s going to be replaceable.

What to Look for When Buying an MP3 Sports Player

There are a few things that you want to look at when you’re considering the purchase of mp3 sports players. Key features to consider before making this purchase include:

Cost. You don’t want to spend very much money on one of these devices since it’s a secondary advice in addition to other gadgets like your mobile phone. However, you shouldn’t skimp so much on price that you don’t get a high-quality player. Expect to pay somewhere between $40 and $140 for your mp3 sports player depending on the brand and features that you choose.

Storage capacity. The amount of storage that you have on your player will determine how many songs it can hold. You don’t want to get a player that holds less than 1 GB of media (which is equivalent to about 200 songs). Ideally you should be looking in the 2 GB range although there are mp3 sports players that can hold far more than that. You have to weigh storage capacity against the size and weight of the device when considering this feature.

Size and weight. Think about the fact that you’re going to have to carry this device around with you without limiting your workout in any way. Choose the smallest and lightest device that you can. Try to get one that weighs under two ounces. The device should be approximately 1 inch x 3 inch in size although that may vary. Test out a few in the store to get a feel for what seems right for your workout.

Battery capacity. You’re going to be using this device when you’re working out so it needs to last through your entire exercise program. Ideally you want to choose an mp3 sports player that gets at least 12 hours of continual use without recharging so that you can work out throughout the week without having to remember to charge it.

Sports features. You should choose a device that is designed to assist you with your workout. Different mp3 sports players have the ability to do things like offer a stopwatch function, assist with calorie counting, monitor your pulse and set and track fitness goals. Make sure that you know what the additional sports features are of your mp3 device before choosing the one that you want to go with.

Accessories for use during sports. Before finalizing your purchase, you want to make sure that you know what your options are for carrying the device. Your mp3 sports player may be functional with a belt clip, arm band, neck strap and / or durable headphones. The nature of your workout will dictate which of these is best so consider your own needs in this area and purchase a player that is compatible with those needs.

Options to Consider

You may be wondering where to start looking for making these decisions. There are many different mp3 sports players out there to consider for purchase but of course there are some choices that are more popular than others. Some of the top choices include the Nike iPod Sport, the Creative Muvo Sport, the Phillips Nike mp3 Run and the Oregon Scientific Waterproof Player. Any ultra compact music player that is advertised as sports-ready should be somewhat comparable to these specific options.


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  • andyduke profile image


    8 years ago

    I am looking into getting a player for my girlfriend for Christmas. I didn't have a clue what style to get.

    This hub helps a lot.



  • profile image


    9 years ago

    Really informative page.  I find my mp3 player most useful for car journeys - it helps ease the monotony of the drive.  There's more mp3 players over at this hub

  • Lgali profile image


    9 years ago

    very nice list good hub

  • RVDaniels profile image


    9 years ago from Athens, GA

    cool. I don't have an MP3 player but I might just have to get one now.Thanks!


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