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Advantages of Buying Twitter Followers

Updated on January 6, 2013

If you envy those with impressive list of followers they have on Twitters, here's the good news to motivate you. Don't worry. It matters little that you do not have too many followers. You have now the choice to buy Twitter followers. It's neither unethical nor illegal. The question is, how effective is it for you if you decide that you will buy Twitter followers? How does it help you? Here are the top reasons why buying followers will promote your business.

You can gain popularity and raise your authority: That's right. Social media makes a great impact. Having a huge list of friends or followers on social media sites like Twitter makes you quite popular. In other words, you are an authority in your own right and people would take your opinion and advise. It actually translates into big deals in real life. The companies would get interested in promoting their campaigns on your website. Additionally, the companies might offer you freebies.

You can continue to get followers without buying: Some people who have a huge following on Twitter easily attract the attention of others. Most people would want to follow you. In other words, after the initial purchase of Twitter followers, you will no longer need to purchase, for the list of natural followers will continue to rise at a rapid pace. You will have followers that have lots of followers. This is something that you really want, for you would want to have lots of influential followers.

With the kind of organic following you may likely have once you buy Twitter, the sky is the limit for you. You now have a huge audience. This enhances the possibility of exposing your content to a big audience. The exposure that your business gets is a huge advantage for you. Additionally, a huge audience has other benefits including coming in contact with influential people who are your followers. They will likely share your content. You will get an opportunity to make posts on some of the most successful blogs. You will have the chance to be featured on top websites.

Here's another good news. If you decide to buy Twitter followers, it can come very cheap. It's pretty cheap. According to the listed price on some of the sites selling Twitter followers, you can buy 1000 or more Twitter followers for as low as $5. As you decide to purchase followers, you will be asked to provide your twitter link. Once you make the payment, you will find hundreds of Twitter followers in your account.

Some people have little understanding of social media or have busy schedule, who may find it difficult to manage their Twitter account. They hand over the task of managing their account to PR companies. These companies often buy Twitter followers for their clients.

It also needs to be stated here that while number is critical to the success of your business, it is not the number of Twitter followers alone that will ensure your success. You may have a million strong Twitter following, yet you may lack the success that comes with about 1000 followers. In other words, it is not how big the audience is that matters, but how involved you are in them and your message that matters. In other words, it is a fine strategy for people who buy Twitter followers, provided they have a firm strategy and plan of action in place.

What we are trying to drive at is that there is nothing unethical about buying Twitters followers. It is a plain and simple business strategy. You are actually making an investment, a small investment in fact, to promote your business like any businessman does. This is the kind of investment that celebrities, start ups, aspiring stars, and others routinely make. So why shouldn't you?

Finally, it needs no reiteration that social media is the reality of today's social world. However, it takes time and effort to build a big list of followers on social media like Twitter. Not everyone has the time or expertise to maintain constant social media presence. Yet, they cannot live without the aid and assistance of social media to make their social and business impact. The legitimate alternative in this case is to purchase followers. The list of followers can eventually be leveraged to gain more followers and promote the business.


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    • A_K profile imageAUTHOR

      Ajit Kumar Jha 

      5 years ago from Delhi

      I agree. I was doing some research on the topic and found that there are many celebrities who purchase hundreds of thousands of followers. So, I think it has cosmetic value, if any. As it is, even the percentage of real followers who check the links/posts/tweets is an insignificant percentage which makes a big number if the total count is huge.

    • Anamika S profile image

      Anamika S Jain 

      5 years ago from Mumbai - Maharashtra, India

      Social Media is all about communicating. If you want to buy facebook likes or twitter followers, keep away from sites likes fiverr. You may be able to add 5000 real looking followers for $5, but they would be gone within a week as twitter has started deleting fake accounts. A site like can be used to identify the amount of fake followers of an individual. In any case, what is the point of having followers who do not check your tweets or re-tweet them? You need to have genuine followers who would communicate with you.


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