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Buying a Cheap Tablet PC

Updated on September 22, 2011

Almost every home has a computer these days. Working professional depands on computer in office and business fields. The use of computer has increased rapidly over the fast few years. Laptops were introduced in market later which spread like fire among the people. As technology world kept on coming up with some or the new things every day,tablet PC's were introduced in the world market.

Tablet PC is the combination of a PDA and a notebook and is a perfect device for those who want mobility and technology. It is very useful in professional works like offices and business fields as it can be carried frequently. Its light weight is its greatest advantage with other excellent features. There are two types of Tablet PCs which are the Slate and the Convertile.

The convertible type is more of a notebook or laptop that can be swivelled or folded. The slate type is simply composed of display screens. Both types use a version of Windows XP specially designed for navigation using a stylus.

Everyone is considering buying an affordable and cheap Tablet PC now. There are some thinking notes before buying a cheap tablet PC which are given below

• You must not focus on brand. Some people depend on familiar brand.As technology is changing, unfamiliar brands also make good tablet PC.

• Usually the size of Tablet PC is about 7-inch to 10-inch. 7-inch tablet is more handy to hold and you can carry it on your pocket. Tablet with wider screen sizes are good for playing games,browsing internet,watching movies and reading E-book.

• There are two types of touch screen which are resistive and capacitive.Capacitive is more sensitive then resistive.

• Ensure that battery life is long with over 4 hours capacity and memory upto 2 GB.

• CPU power is an important factor.It affects the performance of apps running. For higer security use WiFi or 3G.

• Price does not always quality. Expensive Tablet PCs are not always the best ones.Read the reviews of the product.Android tablets are comparatively cheap.

Hopefully you will get best one


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    • noosrath profile image

      noosrath 6 years ago from United states

      Hey! Thanks glassvisage. Ya HP one was a great price. I missed their sale price on Amazon.

    • glassvisage profile image

      glassvisage 6 years ago from Northern California

      Good tips. I agree that the 7x10 inch size is good - I'm afraid to hold larger ones because I'm afraid I'll drop them! Too bad the HP ones ran out so soon - that was a great price.

    • noosrath profile image

      noosrath 6 years ago from United states

      Thanks Rose Frankie! I really appreciate it.

    • Rose Frankie profile image

      Rose Frankie 6 years ago

      Welcome to Writing Hub, nice keep it up

    • noosrath profile image

      noosrath 6 years ago from United states

      Hey! You're welcome.Stay connected to get more....

    • imtiazrayhan profile image

      imtiazrayhan 6 years ago from Bangladesh

      Useful article..i got some idea about tablet PC.