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Buying a New Cellphone

Updated on June 1, 2011

phone or plan

I really appreciate having a cellphone. Over the past five years I have had three different phones. The first two were less than impressive but the current one was a good companion when we were on the road or out and about town.

In fact, it was more likely that it was the carrier who provided the service that was the good companion because when it comes to cellphones they are only as good as the service that supports them.

Nevertheless, I need a new cell phone and there are a number of choices available so what to pick.

Well first and foremost why do you want a cellphone? Will it be your only phone or do you have a landline as well. I have considered and have talked with others who have given up their landlines and use only the cell.

I have rejected this option because, while there are a few cells I like, the long distance service on my landline which is packaged with my wireless computer access and regular phone service is a better deal than any cell package that I have seen.

My wife calls her family who are in different provinces and states frequently, our monthly bill stays the same. So the cell is the mobile phone but not about to become the principal one.>

I originally bought a cell when I set up my gardening consulting business. I wanted a separate line from the home phone and one that clients and prospective clients could use to reach me no matter where I was.

I have retired from that business, although I still do a little pro bono consulting work.

I write and take the occasional photograph these days. The principal use of the cell is to be in touch, to be able to make a call when I am away from the house.

I am not that interested in accessing the internet, playing games or text messaging but if the telephone provider throws that in for free, if such a thing as free actually exists then I will accept these services.

I am looking for a basic phone, small enough to fit into a back pocket or short pocket. I also do not want to sign a one, two or three year contract simply to get a cool phone, no matter how smart it is; if it can’t wash windows I really don’t care.

So I am looking for a cell that I can buy for between 25 and 50 dollars without entering into any contract.

In fact I am giving serious consideration to purchasing a prepaid service. The one I am looking at is being offered by Atlantic Superstores through Bell Aliant Mobility. You buy a phone and select a plan. The beauty is I do not need a credit card; I can buy the phone and a prepaid package with my debit card or cash and then top up the minutes with the debit card.>

This has appeal, no credit card involved. We have been getting rid of our credit cards over the past two years and only have American Express for travel purposes. This plan may be just what I need.

My advice only buy as much cellphone as you truly need but pay close attention to the plan.

my current cellphone

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Bob Ewing photo


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