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Buying a USB transfer cable, what a USB transfer cable can do

Updated on August 29, 2010

What a USB transfer cable is

Are you looking to buy a USB transfer cable? Maybe you have a part in mind but don't really know what it's called? Confused about all the different USB connectors and parts and what they do? Well let me explain just what a USB transfer cable does, and what it will NOT do.

In it's simple form, a USB transfer cable is just a wire that connects to your laptop or home computer. It has a USB connector on one end that fits into one of your USB ports on your computer. The other end can have another USB connector if it's made to hook up to another computer.

That way you can transfer files and data from one computer to another one. You can put files from your home computer into your laptop or vise versa. Or you can transfer data from your computer to your work computer, whatever you want.

However many other types of USB transfer cable have a different end on it to connect other devices to your computer. You know that cable that came with your digital camera that attaches to the camera and your computer? That's a USB transfer cable.

The cable that connects to your computer and your printer is a USB transfer cable, but many know that as simply a printer cable. The cable you download your video from your camcorder using your USB port is a USB transfer cable.

So any cable or wire that has a USB connector on one end that plugs into a computer and another end that plugs into another computer or external device is a USB transfer cable. It simply acts to transfer data from one device to the other via your USB port.

USB transfer cable types

USB transfer cable types
USB transfer cable types
USB transfer cable types
USB transfer cable types
USB transfer cable types
USB transfer cable types

Buying the right USB transfer cable

Now that you know what a USB transfer cable is and what it does, you need to figure out what type of one to get. Many people commonly think of a USB transfer cable as what you use to connect two computers together. The Belkin USB 2.0 file transfer cable you see to your right is a great one.

This type of USB transfer cable has a USB connector on each end, no driver software needed. Just plug into each computer and drag-N-drop your files on the screen. You can transfer any files too; pictures, videos, documents, songs, anything at all.

Other types of USB transfer cables that connect to two computers may require you download and install software once to make it work right. Using Vista often does not require that but older Windows versions do.

For all other external devices like cameras, printers, camcorders and so on you need to know what type of USB transfer cable to buy. Do a search of the make and model of your device to find out where to find a compatible USB transfer cable.

Some USB transfer cables have different adapters so they can fit different devices. But with hundreds of different brands of digital cameras, cell phones and so on it's best to find the right one the manufacture recommends. Often you can buy them as replacement parts for your device.

However a USB transfer cable for printers often has the same type of connector, as most printers have a universal type of cable connector, just like a USB port is universal for computers. I hope this helped you understand and how to buy your next USB transfer cable!


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