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Buying a correct mobile phone

Updated on July 12, 2016
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I am an associate professor in an engineering college. Photography and writing are my hobbies.

1] Budget

Costs of mobile phones vary from a very low value to a very high value. So, the first thing to be decided is the budget that we want to spend. Phones with low price tag will be having very less features and similarly, that with high price tag will have lots of features. The amount of money that one wants to invest depends upon the next important point, the PURPOSE.

Mobile phones


2] Purpose

This actually decides the budget. If our aim is to simply calling and listening to radio, then an ordinary mobile phone is enough. But these days, most of the people want to buy touch screen mobile because, they can use many more features with little extra cost.

3]Screen size

This is a tricky parameter. It mainly depends upon our requirements.

If we want mobile phone mainly for calling, then a little smaller size is enough. But if we are for chats, games, internet browsing and artwork, then bigger screen will be ideal.

But if the screen size is more than 5-inch, it will be almost like a tablet and many times it becomes inconvenient for taking.

Also, as the screen size becomes bigger and bigger, battery power will lost for lesser number of hours.

Hence the screen size should not be too big. It should be just adequate for our needs but not for fancies.

4]Screen type and resolution

Screen will be of capacitative touch screen or resistive touch screen.

Capacitative touch screens are more sensitive than resistive type screen. But one can write only with finger tip or specially made pen on capacitative screen.

In case of resistive touch screen, we can easily write with styles also.

But most of the good phones will have capacitative touch screen as it responds to swiping and zooming gestures easily.

The resolution of screen is measured in terms of pixels.

Some common resolutions are :( given for 16:9 screen ratios)

i) Half HD ( means High definition resolution) = 720X1280 pixels

ii) Full HD = 1920X1080 Pixels, this is called as 2k, as it is 2megapixels

iii) Quad HD or 4k= 1440X2560 pixels

Full HD is more than sufficient for viewing photos comfortably even in 5 inch screen. So, going for 4k means one should spend more money for little advantage.

5]Operating system

There are many operating systems for mobiles. Some popular ones are: Android, Symbian, apple ios, windows os. Of these, most popular one is Android, as there are many apps freely available. But people are also successfully using other operating systems.

One cannot actually select OS directly because it depends upon the make. So, if you are particular about a specific OS, then you have to select a corresponding make.

6]Camera properties

This is the most important feature of the mobile phone. Most of the people want to take good photos from mobile camera.

Mobile phones will normally have two cameras! One front camera for taking selfies and the other one called rear camera for taking other photographs. Normally, front camera will be at most, 2 megapixels (Mp) and rear camera will be from 5 Mp to 20 Mp. As the resolution increase, the cost also proportionately increases. But it is worth spending money for this. A good phone with low resolution camera will not be appealing. So, for present day situation, about 13 Mp rear camera and 2Mp front camera will be ideal.

7]Number of SIM cards

Till recently, the mobiles were having only one SIM card slot. But these days, there will be with 2, 3 or even 4 SIM card slots. Having multiple SIM card facility is advantageous in many ways.

So, after considering all these, one can think of buying a mobile phone.



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