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Neah Power BuzzCell - Liquid Fuel Cell Power For Your Cell Phone

Updated on February 21, 2014

Neah Power Systems PowerChip and PowerPlay Liquid Power for BuzzCell

Neah Power BuzzCell Technology For The Future And The Environment

The Neah Power BuzzCell is a new way of thinking when it comes to charging your device like a cell phone. Environmentally conscious buyers will love the fact that this new device will be non-toxic. Lithium ion batteries have been around for years, and are used from your current cell phone to the Boeing 787. When we purchase a replacement batter not too many of us think about what will happen to the old battery when we chuck it into the garbage. The BuzzCell will help reduce the need for additional batteries by educating consumers and businesses on the advantages of BuzzCell Fuel Cartridges. Instead of replacing a battery often, you just can replace the BuzzCell Fuel Cartridge. How easy would that be?

  • The Neah Power BuzzCell will be .625" thick 2.875" wide and about 3.3 ounces.
  • The BuzzCell will have something called Cartridge Power which depending on the phone model and usage have the ability to charge a smart phone 1-2 times. If you are a busy traveler, in and out of cars and airports you don't always have the luxury of stopping to plug in your device. Having a Neah Power BuzzCell Cartridge Power can make your day more productive instantly without the need to wait for that battery bar on your phone to recharge with it plugged into the grid.
  • The BuzzCell will come with a Fuel Kit and two cartridges.
  • Replaceable Liquid Power is safe, non-toxic bio-fuel and supporting electrolytes.
  • The Neah Power BuzzCell Fuel Cartridge is easy to transport/hold and connect to the BuzzCell device.
  • The BuzzCell will have a charging cord to easily plugs into industry standard consumer devices.
  • The BuzzCell will allow you to not think about if you need to keep your current portable charge fully juiced. Just pour the BuzzCell Fuel Cartridge into the BuzzCell Device and connect it, and watch your device become fully charged.
  • Been in development for 5+ years and constantly looking for ways to improve this wonderful energy solution they have created.

BuzzCell from Neah Power Systems

An Example of what the BuzzCell Liquid Power will look like from Neah Power Systems.
An Example of what the BuzzCell Liquid Power will look like from Neah Power Systems. | Source

New Way Of Keeping You and Your Devices Charged

In my younger days I would get batteries and toss them and didn't think about the ramifications of my actions. I was young and dumb, and not a care in the world. Now that I am older, and I have children of my own to worry about, I think about the world that I was born in, and I see how over time, it has deteriorated. One person can't change too many things, but one person time a million or more is a movement. Thinking outside the box is what the BuzzCell is doing. I have seen other products that offer portable power, but it basically is just another battery that you keep charged to replace the battery you are using. 10 years ago, you didn't think about having a liquid that can recharge your device. I could keep cartridges stored at work, in my car, briefcase and just about anywhere I needed them. We have all been there when we really needed to make that phone call but couldn't because you were playing Candy Crush, and the battery bar on your phone is blinking, that important call is about to......... then the call drops/and your phone shuts off. What if you are driving? On the bus? Or in a meeting, and you don't want to leave your phone by the wall do you? I went into a job interview and a couple of people had their phones plugged into their charger and the phone on the floor. Really? Seriously? I know you need your phone, but times like this is where the BuzzCell will come in handy and allow a quick charge out in the open so you can show it off, or in your purse/briefcase.

The Technology Behind BuzzCell and other Neah Power Systems Products

BuzzCell Fuel Cartridge

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BuzzCell Fuel Cartridge, Environmentally Friendly Liquid Fuel
BuzzCell Fuel Cartridge, Environmentally Friendly Liquid Fuel
BuzzCell Fuel Cartridge, Environmentally Friendly Liquid Fuel | Source

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