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Updated on January 22, 2008

C-Pen has several additional features which make it a superior tool for use in your work and studies and when travelling. Reads in text - the basic function of C-Pen. Move C-Pen over the text, and the text will be captured by the pen, where it can be saved as a file for later processing. Allows you to enter characters by writing with C-Pen as if it were an ordinary pen. This is useful when editing text, entering file names, looking up words in C Dictionary or searching for a contact in C Address. Stores and looks up contact information such as addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses. C Address can be synchronized with Microsoft® Outlook and supports the vCard standard. Enables you to transfer the scanned text directly from C-Pen into your PC. The text will be placed at the cursor position in any Windows program. Transfers notes, contacts, calendar events and files between C-Pen and PDAs. C Beam supports the standard infrared protocol IrOBEX and complies with both the vCard and vCalendar standards. All devices and appli- cations using the IrOBEX protocol to its full extent are fully compatible with C-Pen. Works like a normal calendar with the advantage of displaying the information in many different ways once you have the information in your C-Pen. You can choose to view a whole month, a single week or a day and you can either read or write event/task information into your C-Pen. Enables your C-Pen to translate and/or look up words. C Dictionary is very easy to use, simply slide your CPen over the word you require translated and within less than a second the result is displayed. Several language software packages are available. Sends text messages in combination with a mobile phone. With C Fax you can send fax messages, while C SMS is used when you want to send text messages, SMS, to a mobile phone or an e-mail to an e-mail account. You can either send complete files from Notes or write a short message with C Write into C Message and then send it. C Message requires a mobile phone that is equipped with an IR eye and a fax modem and that is using the GSM system. Storage area in C-Pen, which can be used as a floppy disc for files.


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