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CAD GXL2200 Condenser Studio Recording Equipment Microphone Review

Updated on October 2, 2014

CAD GXL2200 Condenser Microphone Review

CAD GXL2200 Condenser Microphone Review
CAD GXL2200 Condenser Microphone Review

CAD GXL2200 Cardioid Condenser Microphone

This is my review of the CAD GXL2200 Cardioid Condenser Microphone

This is a good microphone for home studio use. I use it to record my vocals for songs that I write. It's amazing how these microphones can literally hear a pin drop, no lie. It's so good at picking up sounds that I occasionally even have found faint hints of my neighbor’s dog barking in the background. I really love this microphone.

CAD Condenser Microphone And Studio Equipment

Studio Recording

This is not the type of microphone that has the normal headphone jack on it. This particular mic is a professional studio recording microphone. Because of that it needs to be connected to a phantom power supply in order to power it. These power supplies are found on mixers. So you will need to have a mixer with the phantom supply on it or purchase one separately. The difference between these and the mics with the simple headphone jacks is the studio quality sound that these mics have are far more superior than your basic ball microphones.

Video Review Of CAD GXL2200 Condensor Microphone

These mics are great for singers or a rapper trying to find your natural rap flow.

Studio Recording Equipment

The CAD GXL2200 Condenser Microphone is versatile as well. It brings awesome studio recording equipment quality sound to your podcasts. It also will make voice over work a breeze and give it that super professional quality sound as well. There is no reason that this microphone should not be sufficient enough for all of your home studio recording needs. I think you just purchase one now and see for yourself how great it is because it’s got a low price but has high priced features.

What Are The Best Uses For This Microphone

The Best Uses For This Microphone

I would say that the best uses for this microphone would be for recording vocals in a home studio. However there are many more uses for the CAD GXL2200. The use of the mic as a recording studio microphone is excellent due to it's superior sound recording quality. I have noticed that this mic is very popular with home recording studio owners.

Another use for this microphone would be for voice overs. Let's say you recorded a video and you made a few mistakes in the audio that you spoke. You can use this microphone to record over the mistakes and make your video's audio perfect.

Podcasts come out excellent with the use of this microphone. The CAD GLX2200 makes podcast recording fun. You never have to worry about inaudible words because this mic is very good at picking up in minute sounds. Because of that you can rest assured that whatever you speak into the mic is going to be recorded loud and clear.

One final use of this microphone is for use in dictating your writings using speech to text software on your computer. With this microphone hook to your pc you get better sound quality which will enhance the ability of your speech to text software to understand you speech. The better the software understands the words you speak the less errors you will have in your finished recording. This means that you have very little editing and correcting during your proofreading. I suggest you give this microphone a try and you will not be disappointed. Visit the Amazon link on the right to see the many awesome reviews this microphone have received from others.


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