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CC Radio is the Perfect Emergency Radio

Updated on May 26, 2012

When people are, thinking about an emergency radio the first thing that comes to mind is the small, portable AM/FM radio they have. However, this radio does not provide you the essential up to date information that just may save the life of you and your family in the event of an emergency. It is essential for everyone, to have a small emergency preparedness kit that includes an emergency radio. Having a good CC radio to give you timely information can mean the difference in an emergency situation. It could be a natural disaster, storm, or a civil emergency all of which it is essential for you to be informed.

FEMA the (Federal Emergency Management Agency) has recommended that each family have a emergency kit available. This includes food and water and a hand crank or battery powered emergency radio. The radio should have access all of the national emergency bands including the NOAA and other emergency weather bands. It should also not rely completely on electricity power and should be able to use batteries, crank, or even solar power when there is no alternative available. These are the recommended features you should have in a CC Radio. All of the CC radio come with these features and a lot more.

A couple of the unique features that CC radios have in an emergency situation that are extremely helpful. They have the ability to receive all the major emergency weather stations. The CC radio also comes with the built in the ability to receive shortwave and be programmable with S.A.M.E. (Specific Area Message Encoding). The great thing about short wave radio is that many emergency personal use them to communicate with dispatchers. You can get up to the sec information about what is happening in your local community. CC radio plus also have the SMART feature. This feature allows you to program your radio for specific areas to alert you in the even to an emergency. For example, you can set the radio to warn you of a tornado in your county or city, and it will alert you when those fields match. This way you are not woken up at 2am with a report of a severe storm all the way across the state.

With hurricane season coming soon, it might be a good time to get that CC radio. It is an essential that many of the local communities that are on the coast be able to keep up with the most recent information on hurricane tracking. Hurricanes can change momentum and direction quickly they are tracked for several days. Even if you do not want the latest weather information unless you absolutely need it will still provide you crystal clear reception of all the local AM/FM bands in your area. The Local station will also have continuous reports of emergency happenings around your area. The most important of these is a severe storm although not as deadly as a tornado or hurricane they can cause severe damage and even kill if you are not aware of their quick approaching.

The great thing about the CC radios is that it can do all of these things and a lot more. In the event of an emergency and of a power outage, the radio can be setup to use battery power instead. It even has the ability to use rechargeable batteries that with the solar attachment can be attached charged by the sun.

What kind of radio has everything you need for survival in an emergency? The CC radio, of course. Knowing of potential emergencies ahead of time in your area can mean the difference between life and death, so be prepared with only the best.


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