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CCTV DVR Footage Video Recover

Updated on July 31, 2016

CCTV DVR Footage Recover

Welcome to the Technology World!

We are living in the era of technology, where we work with technology to do anything or everything. Time has long gone when we keep data only on handwritten papers or printer papers. These days we all love to keep our data on storage devices such as hard drives of your system or external hard drives, memory cards etc.

We already know that every technology has its pros and cons. So does the storage devices. It is really common that we keep our data on one or other storage device these days. But have you ever thought that if your storage device or hard drive crashes than what will happen to your data. Definitely chances are that you loss all your data. No matter you have video files, text, files, CCTV footage etc.

Why You Loss Data:

There can be so many reasons why people can loss data. Such as:

Corrupter hard drives/memory cards
Power failure can cause data loss
Water on your hard drive will definitely cause data loss in many cases.
By Mistake you have deleted the data you have on your system or hard drives

No matter what is the reason of data loss, it cause you pull your own hair because Data recovery is not an easy task.

Why we Use Storage Devices:

Storage devices are the important part of our day to day life. We carry data along with us by putting them into external hard drives, memory cards or USB deices. Storage devices makes it easy for us to carry data whenever we want and whenever we want

No matter you need to carry data for a presentation or you are a school boy who need data to create your school projects or a security agency offering CCTV solutions, we all are habitual of using storage devices.

But the same time we also know the issues which can arise anytime and that are loss of our important data due to damage or corrupt drives.

If a company or person who is using CCTV for his business loss the footage, then it can be extremely dangerous in some situations.

For example, if you are running a business and installed CCTV to secure your shop or office than you will be checking video footage alltime to see if someone trying to break in or not. If you loss even a few minutes CCTV footage from your system then it can be extremely painful for you.

Now you may ask how to do CCTV Footage Recovery in case of data loss or hard drive failure. There are chances that you may not even be sure that the security system you are using is only CCTV or CCTV DVR or DVR.

So I believe first you need to understand the following terms to understand what are CCTV, CCTV DVR and DVR.

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television)

CCTV is the video cameras which are being used to transmit signals to a location where you want to display the footage.


It is the enhanced form of Closed Circuit television. DVR not only record videos but also offer advanced features and better performance with Email alerts and motions detectors.

DVR (Digital Video Recorders)

DVR is the device that records and saves the footage to any Memory Card, Hard drives or USB Flash Drives etc.

How to recover CCTV DVR Footage

You may try to find solution on Google by searching "CCTV DVR Video Recovery" tips. You may find many tips, but as I believe that the data is precious to you. I do not recommend you to do it yourself. I advise you to get the best person to recover deleted CCTV footage. Your one mistake can make the data loss permanent.

When I searched on Google, I found Stellar Data Recovery service as one of the most recommended CCTV Video Recovery solution. No matter your hard disk crashed by power failure or you want to recover data from drive destroyed by water, they are here to help you.

CCTV data recovery is a crucial thing. Noone want to loss even a single minute footage as this can cause big loss. Their DVR CCTV Data Recovery features are really good. I came to know that they are In CCTV hard disk data recovery business from more than two decades, which shows their consistency and trust among users.

Till now they have covered more than 35,000 HDD recoveries. They offer Data Recovery even for Water Damaged Hard Disks, Laptop HDD, external HDD, Mobile data, RAID servers. They also offer Mac Data Recovery. They help you to recover formatted Data From your Mac iOS device and recover Data from HFS, HFS+ File System.

Why I recommend stellar is because of their best services and recommendation by big brands. Stellar has also been awarded with CIO Choice for best data recovery solution in 2015. They have over 2 million happy customer base with 95% success rate and up to 100% data recovery. You can visit their service canters in 15 major cities across India.

One thing which I also like about them is No Recovery - No Charge Policy.

Next time when you need a reliable data recovery solution, do visit stellar data Recovery Service. If you have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.


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