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Updated on April 23, 2011

Sublets or sub-distributors

There are several manufacturers of cell phones across the world these days; and you can get them for as low priced as possible or even free, if you are signing up with, for example, Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, etc., and using their low cost service plans.

As a result, choosing a cell phone for yourself, for the family, for your company, and even as a present is very critical. You have to research almost all these companies and find the make, and particularly the model, as well as the system that will suit your purposes.

Now, the problem happens to be that, many people just jump into making the decision without the necessary or proper inquiry before signing up with many of these cell phone companies, and then they run into difficulties, with plans that are cumbersome to navigate, or bills that are mounting each and every month.

Its a good idea to go directly to the major cell phone companies; however, there are sub-distributing companies and web sites that can get the same plans cheaper for the same model of phones and service plans, since many of them are subsidiaries or sub-outlets that are contracted to work with the major cell phone companies.

Their connections make it easy for them to satisfy customers who are looking for "specials" or special deals; and the reason being that, as subsidiaries, the more sales they make for the major cell phone companies, the more business they get in return.

There are several links on the Internet connecting the potential cell phone buyer to some of these sub-outlet facilities; yet, there are two that come to mind almost instantly.

One of them is based in the U.K.; and it even adds a present or presents to your purchase, depending on how much product quantity(ties) you order. That feature makes the company outstanding and pleasant to have dealings with.

The other one is based here in the U.S.; and its customer care or service makes you always proud to do business with the company.

I cannot wait to give you the links to these two prominent companies; and they are: and

P.S. Mention my blog to them, when you happen to make purchases.


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