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Updated on March 29, 2016

In the last event in 2016 MWC, Samsung has announced the company's latest flagship double for the best image quality available today. It is worth mentioning, the Galaxy S7 and S7 are equipped edge after 12 MP camera, lower cash flow parameters for S6 with 16 MP. However, the crux of the problem lies mainly in the technology Dual Pixel, Samsung has decided not to run in the race on the "dots" that it wants to use the power of technology to fully exploit the performance of camera.

In this article, we take a look at the quality of photos from Galaxy S7 compared to the Lumia 950 from Microsoft, to see Samsung has truly successful as what the company has done on clusters after 12 MP camera on the duo flagship Latest. Article comparing camera than the Lumia 950 Galaxy S7 made ​​by Neowin.

Galaxy S7 and Lumia 950 are the premium product line for imaging capabilities are very good at the moment

The camera on the Lumia 950 and Galaxy S7 possess advanced features, integrates many advanced technologies such as optical image stabilization, a large aperture and more. Besides, the two models feature support on the AF phase definition that can capture ultra-fast, accurate even scenes of moving objects.

Comparing fast and Lumia 950 camera Galaxy S7

Interface and Lumia 950 camera almost only improved very "mild" compared with the predecessor 930 has launched a long time.In addition to shooting in auto mode is quite simple, manual mode on the Lumia 950 is quite professional allows adjustment of all parameters of the ISO, brightness, white balance, shutter speed, adjust focus near or far, and supports RAW shooting.

Similarly Galaxy S6 edge +, the S7 interface, imaging features improvements nor any remarkable. Because, S6 edge + has supported a wide variety of different photography, as well as allows to adjust several different parameters is quite similar to the line Lumia, even better than some features due to support from Android than style extra.

Regarding the quality of shots, let's take a look at the photographs from the Galaxy S7 and Lumia 950, in order to have a more realistic perspective on the two products.

Taken in the context of a favorable light, Lumia 950 and Galaxy S7 are very good image quality, almost not notice the obvious difference at all

Galaxy S7 for photo quality renders slightly yellow status when shooting near the scene. Quality photos from Lumia 950 is somewhat "bright" colors, leading to a situation quite bold blue and red

Overall, the actual images taken from Galaxy S7 and Lumia 950 are for very high sharpness, colors quite honest, there was nothing to complain about. However, we see shots from the Galaxy S7 tend to lean towards the yellow, while the Lumia 950 a bit "darker" than the actual scene outside

Still like the above argument, we see pictures of the Galaxy S7 was referring yellow status light when looking closely, while the Lumia 950 is slightly darker color to the water. The best evidence, the sky was blue red yellow mixed from photographs Galaxy S7, but too green a "sham" for Lumia 950

Photos from the Galaxy S7 and green for a standard view than the Lumia 950, but was lighted more status in the upper right corner

Based on the picture of this, we may conclude that the quality of photos from Galaxy S7 and Lumia 950 are for very high sharpness, slight differences in color saturation.

Shooting in the evening, the Lumia 950 and Galaxy S7 quality are quite inadequate, sharpness just kept relatively stable, the color was skewed, with the condition and take detailed color bệt quite clear

Evening shooting in conditions where the scene is no light, the quality of photos from Galaxy S7 "delicious" than slightly Lumia 950

After turning on the LED flash on the back of the phone , the Galaxy S7 can still prevail over section 950. Lumia fact, the two products are best in quality was so "good" compared to the other models when the shooting the lighting conditions and background as above


Based on the pictures above, the quality of photos from Galaxy S7 and Lumia 950 are possible with very high sharpness, color quite honest and just skewed slightly from the actual landscape. For high-end Lumia 950 line, the problem is very beautiful photography are familiar with technology users, this is nothing special, and a surprise at all. For Galaxy S7, Samsung has given up 16 MP camera from the line of his predecessor to visit S6 to 12 MP is quite risky, difficult to accept for those who are not knowledgeable about photography. However, thanks to the Dual Pixel technology combined with integrated features on the product, the Galaxy S7 while maintaining image quality is not the "good" than the Galaxy S6, maybe even slightly better parts than Lumia Clause 950 of the night and low-light shooting.


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