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Call Anyone in the World for Free with FooTalk

Updated on August 1, 2013

With the rise in popularity of smartphones and free messaging applications, it is becoming easier than ever to keep in contact with those you know who live abroad. There are applications for sending free text messages to anybody in the world who has a smartphone with the same application installed, and applications like WhatsApp and Kik are to blame for the decrease in the amount of SMS messages that people are sending. Now there is a similar, yet incredibly different application available for free on Apple's iOs and Android platforms that could change the way people interact with their friends in other countries even more.

Similar to Skype, but without the video feature, FooTalk allows you to call anybody in the world that also has the application downloaded for free over a Wi-Fi connection. It synchronizes your contacts and lets you know which of your friends already have the application installed, and if nobody does and you wish to share it, you can send a simple message through the application to inform them of FooTalk and invite them to download it so that you can call each other for free.

Connecting over a Wi-Fi network ensures that you will not be charged by your network provider for the call, and allows you to talk for hours with those you otherwise wouldn't be able to speak to without running up an expensive phone bill. There's also the option to make and accept calls over a 3G network if you are out of Wi-Fi range, but data charges may apply from your provider.

Another great feature that FooTalk has is that, even if your friends across the world don't have the application installed, you can still call them at reduced rates. Using the FooTalk application, you can call any country in the world for a lot cheaper than you would if you were using your phone's plan. FooTalk has its own balance account which you can top-up to use to call your friends through the application. The call takes credit from your balance, and doesn't touch your phone's minutes or call plan, so there's no risk of being charged extortionate rates for calling someone you know who lives in another country. Before you make the call, the application will even tell you how much it will cost per minute from your FooTalk balance.

With the ever increasing demands of technology, FooTalk has its foot in the door as THE application to use to make free calls worldwide when you have access to Wi-Fi. With its simple to use interface and in-depth help and support section built in, it has never been easier to connect with those who live overseas.

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