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CamStudio - Video Editing

Updated on May 12, 2011

Free Video Editing Software

Are you in need of video editing software because you own a Youtube channel and want to create more professional videos to keep your audience's respect and attention? Well I know there are those of you who have a business or creative venture out there but don't have the technical knack for video editing to present to a niche market the way large companies do.

Large companies put in excessive hours and money to gain marketing knowledge, SEO strategies and the latest applications available for social media. I am going to share my knowledge with you for free because I was a amateur to video editing software until not long ago and I have spent over a year searching and testing programs.

The main piece of editing software I want to talk about here is CamStudio but I would also like to mention other great free video editing tools online such as OneTrueMedia, and FreeVideoFlipandRotate. The latter website simply offers updated video editing software to accomplish what I explained in this hub about video rotating.

Add Annotations using CamStudio
Add Annotations using CamStudio

Download Free Video Editing Software

The first image in this article is what the CamStudio Tool window looks like and it is only about 200 x 300 in measurement and it only displays the time frames, codecs and input rates.

Some of the coolest video editing options about this program are that it allows you to capture anything that you are doing on your desktop or online and this is specifically useful for giving tutorials. You could be reviewing a new website you've launched, demonstrating registry procedures or how to use music recording software.

If you don't feel like talking to the audience or just want to emphasize with captions, CamStudio has a very easy to use tool which helps you to create and manage them. Simply go to 'Tools' and then 'Screen Annotations', you will then have a layouts tab appear where you can choose shapes and font styles for annotations you can control using keyboard short cuts.

Add MP3 and Upload to Youtube via WLMM
Add MP3 and Upload to Youtube via WLMM

Editing Video Software

Another free video editing tool that people might have overlooked is Windows Live Movie Maker and it comes already installed on many Windows Vista PCs and laptops. My favourite options available in this software is that you can add any music that you have stored in MP3 format and you can upload direct and instantaneously to Youtube!

Video Editing Software Downloads

In fact the only amount of money you might need to spend when video editing is for a peripheral in the form of a desktop microphone and you can pick these up for less than $20 dollars at any supermarket but check your webcam first because many of these come with built in microphones.

It is easy to set up your desktop microphone in sink with your CamStudio video editor, simply go to 'options' and select 'record from microphone'.

I film a lot of videos from my Samsung Galaxy and upload them direct, If you realise you made a mistake after uploading your video to Youtube or Vimeo, you can go to and download it again to edit it by simply entering the URL.

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