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Camo iPhone 5 Cases

Updated on April 16, 2013

From Hunters to Hipsters Everybody Loves Camo Cases

Camo iphone 5 cases are loved by both hunters and hipsters. While they are required in the wild to prevent getting spotted by the wildlife from miles away, they are equally necessary in the urban jungle to not fall behind in the world of fashion.

There are some ubercool camo designs available for the iphone 5 and I've selected the seven top cases for you. Both true hunters cases and real fashionista covers are represented. Pick your poison.

#7. Gladiator Camo Case

Not a cheap case but this is the real deal: a superstrong, durable, water resistant case that even has shock resistance. It comes with a belt clip which is great when you are are at work or out hunting. The case has a magnetic flip close and is stitched together very neatly. It comes with a vehicle charger which is very convenient as well.


#6. Customizable iPhone 5 Case

This tradionally colored camo case is sold by Zazzle. This is a huge, highly capable and trustworthy print on demand firm that offers you the option to have your own name printed on the back of this cover. The quality of the cases they offer is very high. The standard "barely there" case is already excellent but if you really want heavy duty material you can upgrade to an even stronger model.

#5. Hunter Camouflage iPhone Case

This photorealistic camouflage case will ensure that the wildlife won't spot you because you take out your brightly colored smartphone. It's extremly easy to install and protects during every day use rom scratching and unfortunate incidents. At this pricepoint it's one of the best value buys and you will enjoy it if you go hunting or animal spotting regularly.

#4. Otterbox Camo Case iPhone 5

Otterbox is widely known for their extremely tough and high quality cases. This camo case is no exception. It is reinforced with hard plastic to the side of the case to make sure it is extremely durable and to protect your smartphone. You can snap it on in a few seconds and your device will be next to invisible in the forest. The deer will never see you coming with this cover on. They might hear you but that's another story.

#3. Otterbox Defender Camo

The Otterbox Defender is one of the strongest cases for iPhone 5 available. It's the strongest and most durable case I could find that also offered a camo design. Perfect for when you go into the wild and you need both great protection and some coverup for your phone. The defender includes a holster and it protects against: dropping it, dust, scratches and it comes with a screen protector.

#2. Nike Camo Case iPhone 5

Very fashionable and cool looking Nike camo case. It's available in three different colors. My favorite one and which I think is the most fashionable is this pink version. Very trendy right now although it's not really the type of case the real hunters will take into the wild. The deer will see you coming. Unless you are hiding in a lavender bush maybe. The case is of excellent quality as might be expected from a well known brand like Nike.


#1. Fashionable Camo Design iPhone 5

Not a very cheap case but this is a truly fashionable case with a pink camouflage pattern. Printed by Zazzle the case is customizable. You can have your monogram printed on the back of the case to make it truly your own.

At this price you can expect a few things and you get them because the case is of high quality plastics and quite durable. At the same time it offers adequate protection for you iPhone 5 from daily wear and tear. For a few dollars you can upgrade to truly outstanding protection. Although the standard version is already pretty good, truth be told.

This is not so much a hunters case as it is a hipster case and you can get it in different colors as well.


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