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Can AI be as intellegent as human brain or better

Updated on September 7, 2011

In my view this question has the same value in this point and time as if someone had asked in early 1900s that is it possible to look at a moving person with voice in some sort of device. But we all know that that has come to pass and we've moved far and beyond from that point. There are many companies and individuals already in pursuit of achieving this goal.

It's only a matter of time when it's accomplished, could even be tomorrow. Can such an AI be more capable than a human brain? I think yes. We already have heavy machinery and robots that deliver better than human physical prowess. Although they are better in specialized tasks and only in physical domain, one day all that can be combined into one. Airplanes can fly which humans can't, and they can help travel faster. so the same can be said about Artificial intelligence, it might be able to achieve what humans can't.

To think that AI can NOT be better than a human brain is the question the possibilities of a human brain which I will not. If a human brain is possible of building as complex things as Aeroplanes then it is wrong to think that It can not achieve and AI more capable than itself.

A human mind has proved time and again that once it's capable of thinking outside of its norms and conventional thought, it can achieve anything that it sets its MIND to. As long as it remains in its own comfort zone, not much changes, but when radical and controvercial ideas are brought to light, that is when it is at its most creative best.

Whenever any new discipline starts, it takes years for it to be established to a point where the base or Core for it is established. For example internet seemed to have exploded on the horizon, yet this is an idea that has been in practical use since late '60s. So if we are to see a complete Robot/system that is able to carry out adaptive learning and independent thinking without any direct involvement from outside environment we might already be there.

There are known computer software that can help in thinking and analyzing part and to some degreee make decisions on what course of action to be taken as well. In some cases they are even able to take actions based on those decisions in controlled environments. once such example would be a call center software Satmap. This is just an example and there are plenty of other software that take action to some other degree in a completely separate set of environment.


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    • thranax profile image

      Andrew 6 years ago from Rep Boston MA

      That is cool with ASIMO. Of course very simple for us and almost natural, its almost impossible to get a computer to do what he just did =O! Now a machine learning smaller differences might be harder.