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Can I even blog?

Updated on March 24, 2015

It puts the text in the blog...

What kind of person just stares off into space and decides. "I'm going to try blogging, seriously." Of all the things I could be doing, this is the direction I throw a stick at and say: Let's go path finding. That must make me special. I am special, well in a scatter brained way.

Anyway, hi I'm Scully. Nice to meet y'all, I hope you enjoy yourselves in reading my mad rantings. Well they're not too mad, just scattered, off the wall. So, I will be randomly talking about what I feel like and how I feel like. I mean, it is my blog, right? What makes me think I can blog? The fact that I can write anything about everything.

Blogging is a science, well a social science anyway. I mean no matter what you read, you're going to form an opinion on it. And everyone is different so what affects one in a positive way, may affect another in a negative way. I could say: Superman is the best super hero. Some will agree and some will disagree, but if I'm good at arguing; I'll layout reasons as to why I believe he's the best. And if I'm bad at arguing, I'm just going to get mad and rage about anyone who disagrees.

I could tell you a truth, but would all believe it? I mean on the internet, nobody knows that you're a dog writing a blog, nobody. Let that set in for a second. It's fairly safe to assume that a dog isn't on the internet writing blogs, but what if they were an alien in a dogs body. As long as there are two sides to a line, someone will take a stand on the other side.

I believe in the buck shotgun effect as the way of nature. When the blast go's off, most are going to go in the same general direction. Some will veer off and go places completely different. And then their's going to be those few that will go farther than the rest. And I hold that to be a balanced belief, not every ball in a shell is going to have the same amount of force. Some will have more than others. The model can be improved upon though, so that later buck shots will have more guidance less likely to stray from the chosen path. Interpret that as you will. As I said earlier, "As long as there are two sides to a line, someone will take a stand on the other side."

Now where are the Grammar Nazi's at? I could use some help being more grammatically correct. Seriously, I think those people have a bug in their brain or something. Or maybe, they're the aliens and they gave us the languages and hate how we misuse it. Not that I'm a crazy tinfoil hat guy. I just have an open mind. I mean, I kinda have to be. If I'm going to be a dog writing blogs on the internet.

Can I has android programming?

It's been decided by a certain individual that I want to learn how to program android apps. I know how to program routers and switches. Linux is also kind of easy, just never really got into it too much. Android is used by the people who don't like Apple and so that's a lot of people. So my reasoning for wanting to learn how to do this, is that if I can make a few apps that sell for only a few dollars and become widely popular. That's bank, it may not be easy money, but it's another hobby.

Oh and that certain individual, was myself. I have a habit of picking up habits and then dropping them, quite often. I've tried to learn guitar, I didn't quit because I was bad. I just stopped, because one day I was too tired from work and all I wanted to do was blow shit up on Battlefield. And when you're just learning guitar, you have to stick with it for a while or else it just falls out of your head.

So what I'm saying is, I'm just trying out hobbies till I find something that I can stick with. And don't tell me that all I need to do is just pick something and stick with it. I also go to the gym and I know all about sticking with it. Well if y'all have any tips for me, just hit me up.


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      LC 3 years ago

      Good first blog...