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Can I trust Aliexpress?Is it safe to use my credit card on aliexpress? 2016 review

Updated on April 12, 2016

My Experience With Aliexpress

I made my first purchase on Aliexpress in september 2012 and have done around 1500 orders to date. Aliexpress is an eCommerce website very similar to eBay and Amazon however it is based in China. In this hub I will share my experience and some tips to help you have a good buying experience. I just did a quick google search and some common questions about aliexpress are Is Aliexpress real? Is Aliexpress safe? Can I trust my credit card with Aliexpress? The answer to these questions is yes it is a safe website what you have to remember that Aliexpress is like eBay so there are many different sellers which may or may not be safe however your money is protected by buyer protection program so the seller will not receive your money until you have recieved the product that you purchased. Below is a picture to show my total orders to date.

How Can I Be Sure The Seller Is Trustworthy?

The best way to check if the seller is trustworthy is to check their feedback rating. When you are viewing the product that you are interested in purchasing you can see the sellers feedback rating on the left hand side of the page. If you click on the feedback number it will take you to a seperate page which you can read what other buyers have written about this seller.

How Do I know If The Products Are Good Quality?

Well this is very similar to checking the sellers feedback. Each product will have a rating which the buyers can rate from 1-5 stars when they receive their product. You can see this directly underneath the title.

Are Branded Products Authentic?

Are branded products like Iphone or monster energy genuine products on Aliexpress? The answer is no they are counterfeit and if you are looking at using Aliexpress to source products to sell in your country you should definitely avoid these products like the plague especially if you are going to be selling them on a third part website such as eBay or Amazon as you will probably get banned or have the products removed and be stuck with them. If you are going to be selling at your local market though you should be OK.

How Long Will The Product Take To Arrive?

The shipping takes a long time as it is coming all the way from China. On average I would say it usually takes 3-4 weeks on average to arrive here in New Zealand so if you are needing something in a hurry it definitely isn't the place to buy from. Personally I think China Post Airmail is the best shipping company. The most reliable and quickest. Just below the price you can see the shipping time and the shipping company that will be used.

Is It Safe To Use My Credit Card On Aliexpress?

Yes it is safe to use your credit card like I said before I have been purchasing products from Aliexpress for the past 3 and a half years and I have only had a few issues. If your product has not arrived and the purchase protection is running out you can open a dispute to have your money refunded and also if the product arrives damaged you can also open a dispute to have your money refunded all you will have to do is take a photo or video as evidence to show that your product is faulty. Like I said before Aliexpress holds your money until your product arrives or purchase protection ends so keep an eye on that purchase protection. You can also ask the seller to extend the purchase protection if you think there is a chance the product could still arrive. A lot of times the seller may suggest extending the purchase protection if they think the package may just be running a little late.


So to sum it up I have been using Aliexpress for the past few years and I have had a pretty good experience with this website. To be honest I was a little concerned at first as well but my confidence soon grew once I recieved my first orders. Hopefully this article is helpful for someone Thanks!


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    • tebo profile image

      tebo 2 years ago from New Zealand

      A very thorough hub. Thanks for pointing out how Aliexpress works and it is encouraging to hear that you have had positive dealings with this website.