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Can E-readers or Tablets Get Viruses?

Updated on October 28, 2013
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With a BS degree in Technical Management, I hope to provide useful and relevant articles on topics related to various technologies.

E-Reader & Virus


A Good Question:

This hub is in response to another hub members question "Can eReaders, Tablets or iPads Get Computer Viruses Like A Computer?"

What Is A Virus?

A virus is simply a malicious program that can be executed (or run) on any device that processes binary data. All electronic devices such as computers, eReaders, Tablets or iPads (yes, even Apple devices) process binary information. in it's simplest terms, binary means the turning on or off of a microscopic switch.

Basically, when any of the trillions of microscopic transistors on a processor is electrically "charged" then a binary condition of 1 is said to exist. when there is no charge to that same transistor, then it is said to have a binary condition of 0. This is how all information is created and processed on all electronic devices.

Yes, All Electronic Devices Can Get Viruses

Therefore, the simple answer is YES. any electronic device that processes binary bits (ones and zeros), which includes all of the devices in question, are capable of being affected by a computer virus. However, as was posted by another hub member, You probably don't have to worry too much about it because of two reasons. One, most of these devices are likely to already have some sort of antivirus protection. Two, virus creators (people who create viruses) are only interested in affecting the largest group of people possible. Why waste your time on a few, when you can affect the masses? This is why Apply claims that their Macs can not get viruses. It's not that they "can't", it's simply that there are not enough Mac users for a hacker to have any desire to waste his/her time on a Mac when he/she can affect the billions of PC (or non-Mac) devices out there.

Play It Safe, You'll Be Fine

So, as always, be aware, cautious, and smart in what you do with your electronic device, but don't allow it to worry you. Just exercise good common sense. Avoid sites that propagate viruses (such as porn, hacking, and wares sites) and if available, use a reliable antivirus product (not one of those so called free ones, but a real product), and keep it up to date. You'll be fine.

The product on the right is an excellent antivirus product that will give you maximum protection from any such threat.


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