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Can MySpace recover members with a new idea?

Updated on December 16, 2010

Since I started using the internet the social website MySpace was the site everyone used to stay connected with friends, learn about new music, and almost anything you can imagine wanting to know about had a MySpace page, and some things I didn't want to know such as learning how much some people will share with millions of people. MySpace had some great, fun additions you could add to make your page stand out, blinking letters and trendy quotes and sayings were seen on everyone's page. MySpace was a virtual venue where new and established music artists could get their music listened too and receive feedback. Lastly, although not always accurate, MySpace was a place where, at times, relationships and friendships were started and ended through a list of postings, open messages anyone could read. "Where did you hear that fact?", "I saw it on MySpace". Often amusing. But MySpace has been loosing ground in the social networking market, In fact, just last year, according to Comscore, an industry scorekeeper, MySpace has 70+ million visitors in October compared to approximately 20 million less this October. Each visitor also spent less time on the site.

A big reason for this trend is a newcomer to the social network stage, called Facebook. Facebook has trendy applications you can add to your page, great games, quizzes, and more to come. Facebook became very popular and has overcome the popularity of MySpace.

MySpace needs to recover it's share of the market to stay alive. Using their strong point of introducing and showcasing musicians and their music, MySpace is planning a new way to view the entertainment we enjoy from music, movies, the actors in TV and movies. Apparently you will have a very customized way to preview what you like, and it will be delivered to you virtually. Not only will information be delivered from what is on MySpace but from all over the web. Anything having to do with the band you like, the musical, etc. will be delivered to you.

What will happen

The numbers are staggering, with so many millions of users using either MySpace, Facebook, or the dozens of other social sites, it is indeed difficult for any of these sites to find a niche, something that sets them apart from the other sites.  

Hopefully, there will be room for both but it is a business after all and MySpace needs to pickup new or get back old members to stay alive.

It promises to be interesting and hopefully the race for the Social Networking top of the heap will present new and dazzling apps and addons for us. 

The look of MySpace

The look of MySpace is totally different than it used to be.  Gone are the catchy phrases you could add, cute or funny pictures;  the MySpace page was filled with mostly musical information.  It will be interesting to see if MySpace can come back to what it was.

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