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Can WiFi increase Risk of Brain Cancer?

Updated on April 21, 2014

We all have one or more smart phones or tablets or laptops. They are all Wi-Fi enabled, and wherever we can find a free signal, we deem ourselves to be lucky. One of the recent big news is that the Bihar Government has launched the world’s longest Wi-Fi zone that will give users up to 20km access to Wi-Fi. This is great news. But after reading about it, one point came to my mind. Wi-Fi comprises of Electro Magnetic signals – something we have read in our non-medical / physics classes, and it isn't something that is great for our brain cells.

That shouldn’t mean that we should bid adieu to our sophisticated smart phones and tablets. We can’t expect much from our government when it comes to research on such scientific topics, leave alone they could meet our basic needs and keep prices under control.

So the big question is – is Wi-Fi safe for our brains? There are doubts about a safe answer to this question, and people around the world – ranging from New Zealand to the UK are concerned about Wi-Fi signals.

Is there Risk of Brain Cancer?

Some News from New Zealand

There is a lobby group in New Zealand called Safer Wireless Technology New Zealand Incorporated (SWTNZI) that is requesting its government to conduct research in studying the health effects of WiFi and other wireless technologies. It is not a group made up of just novice enthusiasts like you and me; but it is headed by Dr. Stuart Reuben, a retired cardiologist.

SWTNZI claims that exposure of human beings to the current level of electro-magnetic fields in New Zealand has the potential to cause brain cancer. This may not concern you or me; because we are ready to take that risk (who cares!) for our Samsung Galaxy, iPhone or Moto G or Sony Xperia. But what about our children. They have tender tissues and the risks are far higher for them. Now when it comes to our children, things become really serious for us.

SWTNZI cites a paper published by the reputed International Journal of Oncology. The researchers of this international journal noted that their study has confirmed their previous findings of a relation between mobile and cordless phone usage with malignant brain tumors. They have specifically noted that they believe that RF-EMF plays some kind of role in the “initiation and promotion” of “carcinogenesis.”

This research was conducted on the overall use of mobile phones and not just on your favorite WiFi signals.

If you are not startled, there is more research.

Some more News! From the Netherlands

[Also called Holland – most of us don't know]

Research conducted in the Netherlands found that the unnatural cause behind the urban area’s dying leaves and bleeding bark could be the exposure to WiFi networks. The effects of the electro-magnetic radiations are further enhanced by the way we use them. In WiFi the waves are not emitted at a steady rate, but they are pulsed in shorter but regular bursts, and these are considered to be even more harmful to organic life form, which we are.

Besides mobile phones, latest laptops are also WiFi enabled. They also send out these bursts of signals (pulses) to remain in contact with the closest WiFi source. People use their laptop while keeping them on their laps and in doing so they are subjecting their genitals to powerful EMFs. This is especially considered to be something serious for young men. [Well! We should stick to brain cells and not divert!]

And More News! From Spain

[Oh! The amazing beaches of Spain and Majorca; the golf courses; it’s a paradise there!]

That's Beautiful Majorca

EMFs have been linked to suppress the generation of melatonin, a hormone related to your brain that controls if you feel happy or sad. This is not something that is being boasted here without any scientific back up. University of Malaga is in Spain and their researchers found in 2004 that exposure to EMFs can increase a human’s chances of becoming depressed by as high as 40 to 1 in the case of a normal human who is not exposed to these radiations.

Still More News! From Sweden

[It’s too cold there, but standard of living is great]

EMF has also been connected to symptoms like:

· Headaches

· Getting tired without any logical reason

· Sleeping problems

· Unexplained irritation

This has been confirmed by, not me, but the coveted Karolinska Institute of Sweden. This research was sponsored by none other than the top mobile phone companies [Do you know that Nokia is a Scandinavian company? I always forget and get confused if it is from Sweden or Finland!]

The study found that those who use mobile phones before going to bed could take longer to achieve deeper sleep.

No More News After this! From Other Countries

The Interphone research study was conducted in 2010 in 13 countries that included the UK. The focus of the study was to find any link between use of mobile phones and brain tumors. It concluded that mobile phone users who used their phones heavily for at least a decade [10+ years] faced 2 times the risk of developing glioma. Glioma is nothing else but the most common type of brain tumor.

This study was started in 1994 and concluded in 2004. during this time “heavy” use of mobile phones meant just 2-3 hours per month. Today we use mobile phones for 2-3 hours per day [Not everyone though!].


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