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Can You Afford The Xbox 360 Cost?

Updated on July 14, 2010

The Xbox 360 is a video game system developed by Microsoft and which was released in the year 2005.  Since then it has quickly become a favorite among gamers everywhere and people love it because it is so advanced and comes with such a great variety of games.  You can avoid paying the full Xbox 360 cost by keeping a few tips in mind.  After all the regular retail price for the low end systems alone is nearly $300.

 By buying the system used you could save yourself at least a hundred bucks, but if you do choose to buy it used you are going to need to check the system out thoroughly before putting any money towards it.  You can check out online sites like Kijjiji and Craigslist to see what sellers are offering on there.  This can make it a bit more difficult however as you may not be able to check the machine out in person before agreeing to buy it.  When you do go looking for an Xbox system to buy, make sure that you do comparison shopping and do not just impulse buy the first one that you find.

 Another important tip is that the Xbox is sold out of most stores and so in return for waiting you can usually get it for a discounted price.  The Xbox 360 is usually out of stock at most stores but this can benefit you because what it means is that the longer wait time you are willing to take, the more of a discount you are likely to get.  While this will mean that you will have to wait longer to play, for most it is worth controlling the anxiousness to save some money.  You can also do the same thing with all your Xbox accessories and games.

 Another way to save on the Xbox 360 cost once you have purchased the system is to fix any repairs on your own.  If something goes wrong with your Xbox and you send it off to get fixed, chances are you are going to end up paying hundreds of dollars not to mention having a waiting time of at least a month.  Just take a few minutes to search online and get any answers that you need.  Even if you have no experience in video game or computer repair you can still handle it easily.

 It is pretty amazing just how much information and resources there are available to people.  There are even groups on social networking sites like Facebook that you can check out and find out information on how to do repairs on your Xbox.  These are all great and easy ways to save money with your Xbox 360.  There is no reason in spending extra money if you don’t have to.


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