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Can the Ipad replace a laptop?

Updated on May 13, 2011

Can the Ipad actually replace your laptop?

Do you think the Ipad can actually replace a laptop?

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The first time I laid eyes on the IpadII while in line at the Apple Store
The first time I laid eyes on the IpadII while in line at the Apple Store
That's me in line at the Apple store, smiling because the wait is almost over and my feet were killing me.
That's me in line at the Apple store, smiling because the wait is almost over and my feet were killing me.

Joining the Ipad II Hype

At a very young age, I was given the title "Alpha Geek", I love everything there is about technology, from computers to phones to wireless this and that. I never got into the hype of the Ipad because i owned the IPhone and always had a laptop.

I knew one thing, if I ever owned one of those Ipads I wanted to make sure it had a camera, I have triplets at home and I always use Skype to communicate with my kids when I'm away. So when the IPad II came out, Apple announced it had a camera, next thing you know, there I was in a line with hundreds of people waiting to get my hands on one. The entire 4 hour wait flew by as I made conversations with people around me. I was basically only excited about getting a new toy. Since than, I've come to realize it's so much more.

Getting to know my Ipad II

Once I got home and started setting up my Ipad, it was quite easy, I already owned an Iphone and knew enough to be dangerous. I setup all the applications required for me to function daily, such as my bank accounts, email, Skype ofcourse and started playing around.

As I came across people that also owned Apple products, they started telling me about all the cool free apps, I would later download them and play around. It was fun, but up until this point I still considered it a cool toy. Even a beginner typist can look like an expert since everyone was using their index finger to use the pad's keyboard.

I often needed my laptop in order write letters, work on spreadsheets, etc.... The keyboard was too small to work with and hard to use for lengthy letters and articles. I ordered a small bluetooth keyboard to solve that problem.

My kids loved the free talking apps "Talking Tom", "Talking Gina", "Talking Ben", these are characters that allow you to speak and record messages that are played back in a character voice. My kids would not listen to me when I told them to go to bed, but a quick message from Tom the cat warning them that he will not play with them the next day made them jump right in bed. "Thank you Talking Tom, you are a mommy's best friend".

Here I am, 6 months later and I use my Ipad daily to accomplish these types of tasks:

  • Check My Email
  • Edit Word and Excel documents
  • Use the calender to schedule my appointments
  • RDP - Remote Desktop to my office computer
  • Facebook
  • Tweet
  • Read Books
  • Play Games
  • Heytell
  • Manage my finances
  • Watch movies on Netflix
  • Research projects
  • Browse the web
  • Manipulate my triplets to go to bed
  • And, write my articles on Hubpages

I didn't realize that a small 9.5" x 7.3" tablet weighing less than 1.5 lbs could be so efficient and user friendly that it has completely illiminated the need for me to haul around the heavy laptop I had. I'm now getting used to the idea that back pain is not a normal part of everyday life and loving it!

Whatever your choice, it's crucial to find what fits your lifestyle and help you accomplish your goals without any frustration. As for me, I'm glad I chose this new toy because it has saved my sanity and my back!



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