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Can you browse the internet on Kindle Fire HD

Updated on November 29, 2012

Apart from being an ebook reading device, the Amazon Kindle Fire HD does much more than traditional ebook readers - You can also browse the web with it.

It's actually like a tablet pc that you can use to do a whole lot of things like watching media, playing songs, reading computer files and browsing the web.

If it were the first Kindle and some others that followed, I'd say there wasn't any thrill about it being able to go on the web but with the latest version of Kindle fire called Kindle Fire HD, it appears to have finally arrived and works almost like a netbook.

It may not be able to do all things most traditional computers do like running or installing computing programs but it does have its own array of apps for viewing, editing files and also going online.

The Kindle Fire HD capability to browse the web is based on the Amazon Silk browser which is an android browser that works a bit much like Google chrome. You can adapt it to browse web pages like a mobile or web device. Changing the view for mobile device actually speeds up the browsing speed on the Kindle and the display is of high quality.

I've been using Google chrome for a while so when I started using the Silk browser on Kindle, it seemed familiar to me and you can browse a lot of web pages like news sites, blogs, forums and check your email. You can also download apps from the amazon store, do online shopping and even install third party apps although the latter is not recommended for Kindle for security reasons.

To start browsing on the Kindle fire HD, its quite simple. just go to web from your home page and you're there.

To install apps from your browser, you'd need to download the Android apps first which come as apk files. You can get a lot of these apps for free or paid from the Amazon store and after downloading, go to downloads and open the file - Installation would follow almost immediately.


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