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Can your VoIP system survive a disaster?

Updated on August 30, 2011

Robust Phone Systems

The traditional telephone system is famously reliable. It continues working through most disruptions. Even a power outage isn't enough to cut it because it gets its juice right from the phone company itself. Of course, these days we don't really have too many disasters but an incident like hurricane Irene shows that we need to be prepared for anything.

If you have an in house VoIP PBX system, you're at far greater risk of having your entire communications go down - and not just yours, but every branch in the country which is connected to it. VoIP phones need a regular power supply for one thing. If you lose your Internet connection with the outside world, the heart of the your infrastructure is destroyed and the nodes connecting to your server go blind. Without access to the world, your business falls apart - until you're able to get it going again.

Owning your own VoIP PBX system is expensive. There are many steps needed to secure your server and ensure that it's always available. Having your own power supply is one thing. But how do you ensure that it remains available even through emergencies like hurricanes?

Hosted VoIP Services
Hosted VoIP Services

Hosted PBX Systems

The truth is that unless you're a large corporation with the time and resources to fully secure your servers, they'll never be as robust as they need to be. It's expensive to create and maintain the perfect environment, ensure that the premises are earthquake proof, have multiple redundant power supplies and have at least a few separate Internet connections. We also need proper security systems to prevent unauthorized access and maintenance staff to respond to any emergency.

These services can only be provided by a dedicated colocation facility. The only way you can make use of such a place is to have a hosted VoIP PBX system. Your ITSP's servers will be safely locked away and even if your main branch is paralyzed due to a natural disaster, the datacenter itself will be unaffected no matter what hits it - it's build to withstand almost anything.

Hosted VoIP allows reliable VoIP systems to become a reality. From there you can offer all the sophisticated features such as IP HD voice services, and cheap International calling without worrying about things going wrong. And since a lot of entities will be using these datacenters, the cost is spread out amongst them and you can get your hosted VoIP services at extremely cheap rates. Call your ITSP and find out what services they offer.


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