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Canon Digital Camera - Owner Review DSLR

Updated on October 28, 2014

DSLR Cameras to fit Every Budget

Canon has been making Digital Single Lens Reflex, ("DLSR"), cameras for years. They are available in various formats, and prices. Photographers use them for both professional and personal shooting.

Over the years, Canon has continually added features to their digital cameras. In fact, the basic units now are generally more powerful than the professional models of just a short time ago. Owners find that the new units are somewhat easier to use, with more ergonomic features.

When considering a new Canon DSLR, the features to note are the price, sensor size, and ease of use. There are options that address each of these.

These Canon units are great for either general purpose photography, or more specialized shots. They allow good fast image capturing, low light performance, and provide full control, or automatic, shooting modes.

Video capturing is also a feature of these cameras. They allow the production in various resolutions, up to full HD. With one of these cameras, the photographer has the ability to cover an extremely wide range of photo assignments. In fact, it may allow both video and still image capturing with a single device.

Canon T5i Available From Amazon

Now Available: Canon T5i

The Canon T5i is the latest of the EOS Rebel line which started with the T1i in 2009. The latest model sports nearly 18 megapixels. It also has a flip-out viewing screen that helps photographers perfect their video shooting. This camera has good low light sensitivity and is compatible with all of the EF and EF-S lenses available on the market.

The T5i is a solid performer that is available at a great price, considering the features. It is a "crop sensor" model, like all of the EOS Rebel digital cameras. This means that it has a smaller sensor than some of the Canon models. A "full-size" sensor is one that matches the dimension of the old 35mm film formats. With a smaller sensor, the T5i cannot take quite as wide an image. The result is cropped, compared to a full-frame unit. In practice, photographers typically do not notice the effect, however.

Image Taken With Canon T5i DSLR


Canon T3i Model

The Canon T3i was available prior to the release of the newer units. This is still a very powerful camera. It had an improved sensor, compared to the earlier models. It also introduced the flip-out viewing screen which has continued to be available on the newer Rebel EOS models.

While Canon has discontinued the T3i, some are still available at some retailers. Because they have been superseded, they are often sold at a discount price. Most photographers will be very happy with this camera and will not miss the features from the newer models. The primary difference is just a small change in resolution, something that rarely affects photographers.

Compare T3i to T5i


Canon DSLR Rating

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Taken with Canon 6D DSLR camera.
Taken with Canon 6D DSLR camera. | Source

Canon Model 6D

The Canon 6D is a full-frame digital camera. Unlike the Rebel units, this model contains an image sensor which is the same size as the traditional 35mm photographic film. As such, photos taken with this device are wider than those taken with the Rebels.

The 6D is only compatible with the EF series of lenses. These are typically the ones that are of better quality. The cost of some of these can be very significant. There are bargains as well, however. The "Nifty Fifty" is a 50mm f/1.8 EF lens that works very well with this camera. This lens is a fixed design with no zoom capability. It can be used to take a very wide angle photo which is quite comparable to those taken with traditional 35mm film units.

Zoom lenses are also available for this camera, as well as a number of other fixed focal length lenses. Switching between these is quite easy. Photographers can get good image range from this camera with just a single zoom lens, or with an assortment. Wide angle and telephoto models are quite common. They are available in various optical specifications at various price points.

Macro Photography

Macro photography is the term used to refer to very close image taking. This is typically used to take photos of very small objects, such as coins, or extremely close shots of natural scenes. For example, a photographer might set up the camera on a tripod and have the lens very close to the subject. Many lenses are not able to focus this closely.

By using a lens that is specifically designed for macro photography, the Canon DSLR allows the photograph to capture very fine details. The depth of field can be set so that the image subject is more in focus. This avoids the problem where part of an image, say one eye of the insect, is in focus while the other is not.

Canon produces a number of excellent macro lenses that fit the "EF" mounting system used by the modern digital cameras. These range in price, depending on the focal length, and are good accessories for either the Rebel series, the 6D or the 70D.

Predicting the Canon T6i

Rumors are that the T6i model is fairly close to release. Fans note that there has not been a truly new Rebel model released in quite some time. Meanwhile, several major advances have been added to the more expensive models. This combination seems to indicate that a new model is fairly imminent.

The T5i is actually a T4i model with purely cosmetic changes. There were complaints about the rubber coating on the earlier T4i. The coating was changed quickly with the release of the T5i. It essentially means that there has not been a technical model available for quite some time. This fact seems to strengthen the belief that the time is ripe for a new Rebel EOS T6i.


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    • ladyguitarpicker profile image

      stella vadakin 

      3 years ago from 3460NW 50 St Bell, Fl32619

      Hi nice information on the cameras. I have seen so many improvements in the camera. We now have it made for taking great photography, even my photos look good and I only have a cheap Cannon. I really love all the NEW technology. Great information.


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