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Canon EOS 7D Digital SLR Camera

Updated on February 20, 2010

Canon EOS 7D Digital Camera

Photograph of the EOS 7D Body
Photograph of the EOS 7D Body

Canon EOS 7D and APS-C Lenses

I’ve had my eye on this camera for a few months now. The user reviews have been outstanding especially on the Video Capabilities. Unfortunately this is still an APS-C Sensor camera. Now I’m not that concerned about the APS-C, but the 1.6 FOV crop still bothers me because Canon continues to sell it’s EF-S (The “S” designation means the lens will only work on APS-C and not Full Frame Sensors) lines with full frame focal length designation.

For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about here is the “Gist” of the problem. If I purchase a Canon EF-S 28-135mm lens I can only use this lens on APS-C cameras and not full frame cameras. So there is no upgrade path. But the disturbing part is the lens on an APC camera covers an effective focal length of 44.8mm to 216mm. So it’s not really a 28-135mm, but Canon advertises it as such. Not only is this confusing it’s misleading. Canon is manufacturing lenses for the APS-C sensors, but they continue the misleading practice of full frame sensor focal lengths.. So to find “true” lenses to cover the focal lengths that a full frame camera would cover you end up spending a fortune because you have to purchase very high end specialty glass. You also end up carrying additional lenses. Why not label these lenses correctly?

Anyways here are some users opinions I’ve collected from different sites including Canon’s.

The image quality is sub par compared to my Mark III. The images are very soft. I tested it with several lenses and received the same results with all of them. I tried turning off the noise reduction, but it only resulted in extremely noisy images at 400 iso. Speaking from experience with the Mark III, It took Canon 2 years to finally fix the focus on this camera, I hope it will not take that long for them to resolve whatever is plaguing the 7D. My advice is to wait before buying this camera.

I use the camera primarily for its 1080p HD video - the image quality is bar-none for the price. Canon has revolutionized the future of video via DSLR technology.

I just received this camera before Christmas and was able to use it at 2 major events. A Christmas concert and a wedding. It works amazingly in low light, with a high ISO and no flash. At the concert lighting was a challenge and it was amazing what the camera was able to capture. There is noise, but significantly lower than that of my 40D. The 2nd event was a wedding. What a difference compared to my 40D. Pictures are clearer and over all have a better initial appearance when 1st taken.

What do you think? Are you using EF-S lenses? Why can’t Canon manufacturer a true 28-80mm equivalent and label it as such?


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