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Canon Powershot G15 Digital Camera Review – High Performer

Updated on November 26, 2015

Why You Should Like Canon Powershot G15 Digital Camera

Reviewers write that the G series is the first choice for photographers who want a serious compact digital camera. The Canon Powershot G15 is one of the best Digital Cameras that delivers many desirable features – it shoots high-quality photos and videos; it’s speedy, durable and easy to use; and it fits easily into a jacket pocket. The only pocket camera that is more highly recommended is the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100, which boasts a huge 20-megapixel image sensor but which is more expensive than the Canon Digital Cameras.

Ease of Use

The experts at called the Canon G15 Powershot Digital Camera fun to use and gave it a rare Gold Award. They also referred to it as one of the best-functioning compact cameras on the market today. The Canon G15 is perfectly sized, reports’s Ben Keough, finding it pocket-size but big enough to be easily handled.

Because it’s bigger than the minuscule pocket cameras, the G15 can accommodate some high-end bells and whistles. The Canon Powershot G15 is comfortable to hold thanks to its two textured grips. It boasts a rare-for-this-class optical viewfinder, as well as a bright 3-inch LCD screen and more external controls than other cameras in its class, according to The camera doesn’t have a lens ring, but it does have a dedicated exposure compensation dial and two customizable control dials – one in the front and one in the rear. Keough calls the exposure compensation dial a very impressive addition.

With all these benefits, the Canon Powershot G15 Digital Camera is a camera that boasts almost as much control as DSLRs that are much larger than the Canon G15’s pocketable size,

According to, if you are a photographer who prefers to let the camera do all the work, the Canon G15 Powershot Digital Camera also offers the customary auto modes as well.

Performance of Canon Powershot Digital Camera

  • Fantastic photo shooter, but with few video controls. Reviewers found that the quick and capable Canon Powershot G15 Digital Camera shoots great photos with no problems. As far as image quality, the G15 Canon Powershot Camera relatively unimposing 12-megapixel sensor functions well, as does the extraordinarily bright lens – at f/2.8 fully zoomed, it’s the widest aperture in its class.
  • Canon G15 Powershot Digital Camera capably handles whatever you ask it to. Its sharp images, fantastic low-light performance and beautifully blurred backgrounds impressed the experts at, and outperformed some of Canon’s DSLRs. Owners rave about the camera as well, and it’s one of the best digital cameras offered on
  • As far as speed, every feature of the Canon Powershot G15 Digital Camera worked quickly in tests. Even in low light, the autofocus is speedy. It can capture up to 10 full-resolution frames per second (fps).
  • One reviewed needed a fast-shooting camera for photographing basketball and volleyball games in dimly-lit high school gyms. The owner wrote in Canon Powershot G15 Reviews that he was impressed by the cameras ability to focus quickly, allowing him to follow the action of the game, point and shoot, rather than training the camera on one player and waiting for that player to get the ball.
  • Videos look equally impressive but Keough at complained about the camera’s strangely useless video controls. Your only options beyond autopilot are zoom and adjustment of exposure. Testers at agree that avid video shooters should avoid the Powershot G15.
  • Battery life is good; it offers an estimated 350 shots per charge with the LCD screen on.

Should You Buy It? Have a Look..

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Features of Powershot G15

Big-camera features like a hot shoe, but no in-camera panorama. The Canon Powershot G15 Digital Camera enjoys two features that almost no other pocket cameras have. It has an optical viewfinder and a hot shoe for an external flash, in addition to the pop-up flash. It also can save images as JPEG or RAW files, giving you superior editing capabilities. The zoom is 5x, which is respectable for its class.

The Powershot G15 also has other features which stand it above its competitors. It has a High Dynamic Range mode that allows users to shoot multiple and combine them into a single, very detailed photo. The Handheld Night Scene feature can create one well-exposed, steady night shot from multiple exposures, eliminating the need for a tripod. Picture Effects has ten different effects you can add to your photos, like miniature and toy camera, as well as fish eye.

Goldstein at says the fun features can help add interest to your images. DPReview points out that the camera lacks an in-camera panorama feature. Even some inexpensive pocket cameras will allow you to sweep the camera across a scene and make an instant panoramic shot, but the Canon Powershot G15 can’t do this. The only way to make panoramic shots is to connect individual photos together using software supplied by the camera manufacturer. attempted to stitch together a panoramic shot using the more expensive Canon PowerShot G1 X and were disappointed to find that the software created seams, stitching errors and a bent horizon. They didn’t try the software with the G15 Digital Camera, but presumably the same problems would occur.

As with other cameras in its class, the Canon Powershot G15 Digital Camera features a USB port to connect to a computer as well as an HDMI port to attach to an HDTV.

Durability of Canon G15

Built to admires the Canon G15 Powershot Digital Camera’s build quality, which looks like it could withstand a bomb blast, and other experts agree completely. Keough at also raves about its build quality. Mark Goldstein at writes that the G15 Canon Powershot boasts that its construction is tank-like.

Owners agree with these assessments. One buyer at writes that the first thing she noticed was the camera’s sturdy build quality, when taking it out of its box. Another purchaser picked the Canon G15 over the highly-rated Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 for that reason. This buyer notes, that it seems built to last, and compared the battery compartment door and the pop up flash favorably over the same parts of the Sony, which reviewers felt was flimsy.

Some Positives and Negatives


  • High quality photos, even in low light
  • Best performance and great handling
  • Easily fit into a jacket pocket
  • Professional level mode dial with a lot of physical buttons
  • Fast f1.8-f2.8 lens


  • Little manual control in video mode
  • Non-articulating screen can bother some
  • Some AF hunting in very low light

3 Useful Tips for Using Canon G15 Digital Camera

Bottom Line

The Canon G-series has a reputation of being a line of solidly-performing advanced compacts, and the Canon Powershot G15 Digital Camera is no exception. It ranks high in its class by almost any measure.

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