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Canon SL1 Camera Fans: Why I Paid Near $750 for this Camera

Updated on April 21, 2014

THEAMERICANWRITER - April 21, 2014 | 13:06 CST

Are you a fan of the Canon SL1 camera? I am into photography. Well, obviously if I've spent over $700 on a camera. What kind of person would invest that kind of money on something they have no real interest in? That would literally be throwing money down the drain. I like to invest wisely.

Number one priority, was finding a camera that was best designed for someone who wears glasses. I wear glasses. So I needed something comfortable that would allow me to take photos, get a clear images, without me taking off my glasses being a problem.

Great Viewfinder if You Wear Glasses

So what is it about this Canon camera? Well, the Canon EOS Rebel SL1 (the make and model) is a DSLR camera, that is a step above the Canon Rebel T3i camera. But what got my attention right off the bat was the viewfinder and its adjustment feature called a 'Dioptric Adjustment'. I'm nearsighted and this particular feature is perfect because it allows me to get a great image without me even needing my own glasses. And that means no contacts, either. I don't like contacts because I don't like things on my eyeballs. I know some people in my life have suggested that I get contacts so that I don't have to worry about spending extra money on a camera just to get this specific feature. Well, everyone's different. I am glad they make cameras with the Dioptric Adjustment Lens just for people who wear eye glasses. It's comfortable and does not put strain on my eyes.

Frame and Resolution

Obviously, this is going to be important, too, with any camera. I like that it has 18 MP (megapixels for those who don't know) as the resolution quality. The more the better.

Great in Low Light

In general, I needed something that worked great in low lighting. For me, it meant that I'd have more range of things I can do with the camera in different lighting. If the camera was not good for low light, then I'd be limited to only taking photos when there's better lighting, or would need to go out and get extra gear to make up for where the camera lacked. I didn't like that idea, so I wanted a camera that was equipped already to the ability to work great in low lighting. This camera I bought has a 25,600 ISO rating; making it a whole lot more sensitive to the light than a camera with a much lower rating. If a camera has a lower rating, then it will need a lot more light in order to capture and expose an image properly. So it made sense to get a camera that had a really high ISO range. And the Canon EOS Rebel SL1 came equipped with an external flash option. That was a bonus, in my eyes, because it would surely come in handy for portraits.

Other Features that Won Me Over

Here is a list of other features that reeled me in even more about this camera because it came with other features that some cameras have. However, the other cameras I looked at did not offer the Dioptric Adjustment Lens like I really need. So it was great to see that this Canon EOS Rebel SL1 camera also came with:

  • Full HD at 1920x1080 resolution.
  • Ability to control the exposure.
  • Resolution of the LCD screen was over 1 million pixels.
  • Touch-screen.
  • Does raw processing (does not limit me to just JPEG storage).

Those are just a small handful of features that were part of my purchasing decision. But one of my favorites is that this camera can be tilted in awkward situations and it still be great for easy viewing. That was a huge plus for me. That was something I actually discovered after I received my camera in the mail.

Canon EOS SL1 Camera Worth $700+ I Paid for It

It is the most I've spent on a camera, but it is definitely worth the investment and the work I've done with the camera so far, has come close to paying off what I spent on the camera. I do a lot of different projects and photography at events like weddings and things to that nature. So far my customers have not complained about the photos I've taken for them. I've even gotten repeat business. So that says a lot about the camera as well. I've been taking portraits with this camera, random sightings, and it's great for motion photography. It better! Considering the price I paid for it! (giggles). I do feel I got my money's worth -- based on my own personal needs. Your needs may be different, but I can say that I'm happy with my purchase -- it's paying off for me.

Where I Bought It

I forgot to mention, I settled on buying my camera at Amazon's website. I see the price has gone down since my purchase date. Shrugs. Well life goes on. I still got my money's worth. I'd be mad if the camera wasn't paying off for me. But it is so, I really can't complain.

When you shop for a camera, which one best describes you?

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