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Canon 200D or SL2 Review

Updated on November 9, 2017
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Myself Amjath, I'm a technology addict. Great Enthusiastic. My Craze about technology brought me here..

Canon 200D the Best Entry Level Camera ?

Hello Everyone, In this article im going to write about the brand new Canon EOS 200D (or SL2 in US). Canon Claims that this is the "Most compact and easy to use DSLR camera" is is true? is it a best entry level camera? Lets find out that in this article.

Small in size with Great Features!.

This camera is packed with features, and very lightweight DSLR camera is perfect to capture your everyday moments. It has guided display mode so its simple to understand photo tips, this will help the beginners to learn how to take better photos without the much knowledge about the photography.

Great Camera for Beginners!

If you’re not sure with camera's vocabulary, Canon's new Guided Display will help you learn as you shoot. It has easy-to-understand camera instructions, the new Guided Display will teach you on the different shooting effects, this is great features compared to its rivals, This will help you to capture your favorite shots you have always wanted.

Light Weight, Dimensions 122.4 x 92.6 x 69.8mm
24.2 megapixel Resolution
Live View With Dual Pixel CMOS AF
5fps Continuous shooting
Max ISO 25,600 Expands to ISO 51,200
Optical viewfinder With 9-point autofocus
EOS Movies Full HD at 60p
DIGIC 7 Image processor
Wireless link Bluetooth®, NFC and Wi-Fi

Shoot, connect and share

We can share our pictures using Canon Camera Connect App, we can instantly get social and share all our pictures from EOS 200D. Stay connected with Bluetooth® Bluetooth® lets us connect our camera to our smart phone and also helps us to automatically pair with the WiFi. using the Canon Camera connect App, we can browse and download photos straight to our smart phone without having to take the Camera from our bag after the initial connection.

Best in Class

Canon has introduced this entry level camera as an upgraded version to its series 100D or SL1 included great features that will not exceed your budget. EOS 200D has Digic7 processor, this is the same image processor you can find in high end camera like Canon 70D, 800D etc..

Awesome Self portraits

We can Switch the camera to self-portrait mode and tilt the screen up to 180 degrees to capture the perfect selfie. EOS 200 D will automatically set a 2 second self-timer to give us just enough time to triple check your smile. This is great isn't it?

Best Upgrade

My prior camera is Nikon D3200 and i've kinda upgraded to Cannon 200D because of its unique Dual Pixel auto focus technology. Though 200D has only 9 point cross autofocus, I'm okay with it and its fits with my budget. The main draw back of D3200/3300 is its autofocus technology while shooting videos. It will constantly searching for target and will go out of focus for few seconds, it is surely annoying if you are creating YouTube videos.

Great images in low light

We can capture detailed and sharp images even in night with EOS 200D, thanks to it’s smart autofocus and ISO 100 – 25,600.

Why i chose this over Nikon D3200 / 3300?

The main reason for my upgrade is because the state of the art "Dual Pixel Auto Focus" technology. Usually DSLR cameras are designed for taking pictures, DSLRs sucks at while shooting videos, because of the auto-focusing problems. Canon came back with a bang and introduced "Dual Pixel Auto Focus" which will lock the target in milli seconds and give you great FHD videos. I've got 18 - 55mm IS STM lens with my kit, STM lens are a great add on for the auto-focus because the motor is very silent compared to USM motors.


Canon 200D is a best entry level camera and its supports Canon EF and EF-S lenses. I would strongly recommend this as your first camera. If you have higher budget, i would say you can go for Canon 800D. The main difference between 200D and 800D is its auto-focus points. 200D has 9 point and 800D has massive 45 points. Thanks for stopping by. Peace.

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© 2017 Mohammed Amjath Ali


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