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Capacity of Panasonic IP Phone Systems

Updated on January 24, 2012

Panasonic has a number of phone systems that employ Internet Protocol, or IP, technology. Each system has a certain capacity for users and extensions. Capacity is one factor in deciding which phone system from Panasonic may satisfy your personal needs.

In this context, extensions also generally refers to the number of users that can actually utilize the phone system. However, with DXDP technology, you can generally double the number of users if the phone system has that capability. DXDP is a Digital eXtra Device Port, which is included on certain Panasonic telephones. To use this technology, you purchase the telephones along with the phone system. You will have to look at your own company's finances to determine if upgrading from older phones is worth the price of doubling the user capacity.

According to Comms Management and Network Solutions, the KX-TDA15 is a hybrid phone system. It has a capacity of up to 20 extensions, making this appropriate for either a small business or a small office of a larger business.

The KX-TDA30 is similar, but it has room for up to 28 extensions. It is also a hybrid system that combines PBX and IP technology.

The KX-TDA100 has the same basic functionality as its lightweight compatriots, but it handles up to 64 extensions.

The KX-TDA200 takes it one step further to allow up to 128 extensions. This and the other KX-TDA models are all capable of VoIP (Voice-over-Internet Protocol) communications.

The KX-TDA600 is for much larger corporations. According to TSSL, it can handle up to 640 IP extensions.

The KX-TDE100 has up to 128 extensions, and the KX-TDE200 has up to 256 extensions. The TDE models are designed specifically for modern computer networks and have SIP connectivity. Companies typically upgrade from KX-TDA to TDE for the new technology, although when you look at the numbers, the capacity of the TDE models are the same as some of the TDA models.

The KXTE is another hybrid Panasonic telephone system for small businesses or offices. It handles up to 24 extensions.


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