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Six Best Captain America iPhone 5 Cases

Updated on April 16, 2013

Classic American Hero from an Age when Comic Books where at their Finest

Captain America iPhone 5 cases look pretty freaking good. The shield art is perfect on a protective case. The canvas of the back of an iphone case also works really well with the classic superhero art featuring the hero posing or in action. Personally I particularly love the retro and vintage style. Fans love these cases and it makes a great gift for a boyfriend, son or husband who is a bit of a comic book geek or as a cool gift for yourself of course.

The Captain in Action

Captain America iPhone 5 Case with the cap storming right into the frontline. The Nazis are about to be mowed down. Pretty slim and cool case. The Marvel hero in an action scene is actually pretty hard to find as art on merchandise so that makes this especially nice. In addition I like a lot how much is going on in the background of this case. The image surely doesn't get boring easily. Captain America fans will love it.

The Shield in USA colors

With this shield your iPhone is safe from pretty much anything including bullets. Well, maybe not bullets. Simple but effective design. Every fan will recognize the shield of the legendary comic book hero and pretty much any American will love it. It's so effective because it's very simple. An elegant cover that doesn't give you away as a comic book geek at the first instant.

The Avengers Art Style

Cool iPhone 5 Case with shield art in the style of the Avengers movies. Will surely keep your iPhone safe from all but a rocket attack. Or close to everything but a rocket attack. Shields just work really well as protective covers and the art fits perfectly. Just like the shield above I think these cases work just extremely well as covers. I like the other shield just a tiny bit better but hey... to each his own right?

Captain America iPhone 5 Case

You need a screen protector with it. Unless you only want a case for decoration or because you are a collector. But this is, without a doubt, my favorite Captain America case. Very Retro style captain America art. Colored in a really smart palet. I have a feeling older fans will generally love this art. I put it on 4th place because I'm trying to be objective and I have a feeling many younger fans will appreciate the other cases more? Am I wrong? Let me know it, I'll happily move this bad boy up :)

Anymode Marvel Comics

Not only a Captain America case. The classic Marvel comic covers with all the cool heroes: Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Spider-Man, and Captain America. If you are a fan of Marvel comics this is a great case and it has that cool vintage look because of the classic art style. Another one that will resonate with the older fans who are nostalgic back to the days when they got a brand new comic book from their favorite uncle who was visiting and secretly would read the book himself too.

Got an older iPhone?

Cool Captain America case for the iPhone 4. Very much cartoon style. Fans as well as people who just watched the avengers love it. Specifically designed for iPhone 4 and with ports and cutouts in all the right places. One of the spots fell through so I filled up the last position with a good iPhone 4 case. Great pick if you are still on the iPhone 4.

How the movie should have Ended...


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    • boutiqueshops profile image

      Sylvia 4 years ago from Corpus Christi, Texas

      I love Captain America. Sometimes I wish I had an iPhone 5 just so I can get some hot iPhone cases. LOL Great job on this article!