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Case for ipad or cover for iPad?

Updated on June 22, 2012

Ipad covers and cases are one aspect of purchasing an Apple iPad that customers struggle with the most. The reason for this is because the customer wants to protect their device and stop it from being damaged. Many customers would also like their perfect case to be thin enough so that it does not ruin the slim form factor that the device is designed with in mind. Selecting a thicker book style case for iPad will provide protection in the event of a drop or fall but it will also make the iPad more difficult to use when playing games or navigating the touch screen.

You can find ipad cases and covers in many different types in order to meet the needs of anyone that is looking for different styles. The most common styles include the bookstand, the folio, the sleeve, the candy case, and the silicone case. Bookstand style cases are great for using with the iPad because they provide the appearance of a book and can be unfolded much like a book. These can typically provide functionality and allow an iPad to be displayed in vertical or horizontal orientations. These cases are also great for typing and they are usually very thin in order to keep the iPad very slim.

Folio style cases are more protective of the iPad because they are thicker than other ipad cases. However, they do not include the stand capabilities found in other options. Anyone looking for ipad covers will enjoy the sleeve style of case. This is a slim piece of neoprene material that pulls over the iPad to provide a perfect fit. These are great for use during travel and they can protect the iPad from getting scratched or damaged. They also provide protection in the event that the device is dropped or suffers a fall.


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