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Casio WK-110 Digital Keyboard Review - What To Know Before Buying

Updated on August 30, 2009

Why Buy A Casio WK-110?

At only two hundred dollars, the Casio WK-110 keyboard is the perfect choice for someone looking to buy a keyboard for the first time, or for someone just looking for a cheap 76 key MIDI controller.

For a keyboard of this price, it comes with a remarkable amount of high end features including touch responsive keys, MIDI output, over 500 sounds, and 125 rhythms included in its sound bank.

This keyboard also comes with the Casio 3-Step lesson program which can help the beginning keyboardist learn over 100 programmed songs.  It doesn't have light up keys like some cheaper keyboards, but I feel those just make it look gimmicky.

In addition, the USB port on the back means you won't need to purchase a pricey USB-MIDI adapter!! Like I said earlier, the WK-110 has all the features you'll need in a basic MIDI controller or beginning keyboard.


  • 76 Touch Responsive Keys
  • 3 Step Lesson Program
  • 32 Registration Memory
  • 515 Sounds
  • 125 Rhythms
  • Type B USB MIDI output
  • Line In/Out

Casio WK-110 Review

The Pros:

This keyboard is inexpensive, flexible, and the touch responsive keys make it great for learning and as a MIDI controller.  For $200 there really isn't much better you can get.

Plus, the USB-MIDI out eliminates the need to buy a costly MIDI to USB cable for your computer.

The Cons:

However, the USB port and lack of a standard MIDI port is also one of the keyboards detriments.  The absence of the standard MIDI port prevents the use of the keyboard with a lot of electronic audio equipment, including synthesizers and mixers.  You can get around this, however, by routing the MIDI output through a computer first.

Also, the WK-110 does not ship with Mac drivers, but with a little bit of searching you can find a working solution.  My Casio WK-110 Mac Drivers tutorial will help you out with that.

Also, keep in mind that these things aren't built like your thousand dollar vintage synths.  After a couple years of heavy use you will need to replace the keyboard, but by then you'll have more experience and be able to handle a more feature-filled model.


I highly recommend the Casio WK-110 keyboard for beginners and folks who want a cheap MIDI controller for composing music on their computer, but for a serious performing musician you will want a keyboard with standard MIDI out.


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    • profile image

      sarah in Oz 18 months ago

      I inherited this WK-110 keyboard. It worked perfectly when I got it and started to learn to play.

      I found the LCD display that shows which keys are pressed AND the notes on the stave *really*REALLY* useful*

      I had to put it into storage for a long time. When I set it up again, the display no longer worked.

      I've been through the manual and cant find ANYTHING on how to reset or troubleshoot this problem.

      I'm hoping someone here can help!

      Thanks in anticipation.

    • profile image

      Kellsie 3 years ago

      I was so confused about what to buy, but this makes it unblrstandadee.

    • profile image

      Janira 3 years ago

      Sorry if this is a little late, but, this is a MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) clrtnoloer, which means it doesn't have any sounds build in, but it sends MIDI signals (I.e., what note was pressed, for how long, how hard was the key hit etc.) to your computer via USB cable. You'll probably need some sort of software on the computer to pick up the signals and turn them into sound. Hope this helped, feel free to message me on my profile if you need any more help.

    • profile image

      Martin. 6 years ago

      Read the link in leaving here... i fixed the problem by installing roland C50 keyboard.

      Only have to change the device ID.

      Is all there in the link.

      Cheers from Argentina!

    • profile image

      Michael Keller 6 years ago

      You can't run the MIDI output through your computer anymore, if

      you're running Windows 7. After hours of frustrating effort,

      I contacted CASIO who told me it is not compatible with W7.

    • profile image

      Dale Baker 7 years ago

      i bought one of these keyboards and it is the best one i have every had the last one i had was bigger but i love this one and i would suggest that if anyone was going to buy any keyboard that they buy this one


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