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Cect Mini KA09: The "Mini Me" of Smartphones

Updated on July 15, 2011

Touted as the younger brother of the popular the KA08, the Cect Mini KA09 is highly sought on eBay for the same reason, small size and cheap. You can get a brand new phone for as low as $50 and sometimes less. It gets compared to the Apple iPhone a lot, but that's only because it kinda looks like it. The Cect mini KA09 is about the size of a credit card. And the iPhone is the size of a small PDA. So the KA09 kinda looks like a mini iphone.

The comparison, however, stops or should stop at the looks. The iPhone is well-known for the many apps that you can download to make your life easier. The Cect Mini KA09 is limited in what it can do. Some versions don't even have support for Java, the programming language that's used to run application for many smartphones like the iPhone and Blackberry.

Cect KA09 is about the same size as a credit or bank card
Cect KA09 is about the same size as a credit or bank card

The CECT Mini KA09 Dual Sim and Worldwide Support

So what do you get? You get a chic stylish phone that runs on a GPRS network. It has dual SIM capability so that you can easily switch from a Vietnamese phone service to Spanish without reconfiguring. Other languages that are supported are English, French, Portuguese, German, Bahasa Melayu, Bahasa Indonesia, Turkish, Russian, Persian, and Arabic.

For the money, the mini phone KA09 makes a great multi-purpose handheld electronic device. It can play MP3 and MP4 music files and take pictures It's also an FM radio with stereo loud speaker. And it's a great e-book reader.

The 2.4 inch screen displays built-in apps and games in ultra high definition. One of the apps included is a health management system. Others are notepad, calendar, and more. You can enter information by handwriting on the touchscreen or key input.

And lastly, did I mention the price? These mini phone KA09's are selling on eBay for as low as $50. Sometimes, less!


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    • profile image

      dan 7 years ago

      how can i get my music to paly through the media player on the phone? it won;t pick up from the memory card, and i can only get it to work through file manager .