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Cell Phone Remote Ping Transponder. An Invention That Easily Destroys A Secret Terrorist Network And More

Updated on August 24, 2014

The Nano Cell Phone Transponder Technology For Robotics and Anti Terrorism

Imagine a relatively simple tiny device that contains a very small battery that simply allows the device to identify an individual human or robotic unit to any nearby cell phone or cell phone tower. The device is quite inexpensive. All it needs to do is identify itself to a nearby cell phone and attach that information message to all outgoing calls or pings from the nearby cellphone.. More complicated transponders can do more have more complicated objectives. The basic bare bones model simply tags a carrier as a dye would stain a cancer cell in a medical test. Here is how it works for anti terrorism: Catch and release: A terrorist is caught interrogated in custody . while in custody he is sedated and implanted with a very small Nano transponder cell phone device. He is unaware it is under his skin when he is allowed to escape or is freed for lack of evidence . When ever he picks up a cell phone it modifies the pings of the cell phone to cell phone towers identifying him as who he is to intelligence agencies and the military. Does not mater whose phone he uses he is leaving his tag imprint . It can also be made to work with wifi and in conjunction with computers and other types of phones even cameras that contain communications linkage devices. The power as an intelligence tool is obvious. The CIA and Pentagon can expect to invest a few million dollars to develop the technology and then something between $6 and $35 to electronically tag any individual.

Besides military intelligence use the technology immediately adapts to driverless car highways and the cars themselves. How it works? Exactly the same as mile posts containing the small chip inserts can identify car and cell phones with in a certain proximity working just like a miniature transponder ping device that communicate both identity of cars and the identity of the milepost with the car and though a cell phone to a cell phone tower or directly though a cell phone tower. Driverless cars need such a device to make sure they keep the appropriate distance on the highway from the car ahead of them that is also driverless

Entire networks of terrorists can be exterminated or just watched with a ping plotting on a map at a remote analysis mapping facility. Catch and release will allow terrorists to be ferretted out and they won't know how or why authorities can track them as precisely as they do . It is a tagging process like dying a pathological tissue in the body so a scanner can figure out where the problem lies. transponders can also use cell phone GPS to send more complex messages to pin point the subjects and link individuals thought the cell phone network not by cell phone or voice imprint but by a direct modification of the ping. Units can go into clothing , under the skin, in shoes. The military can also add a termination of subject module that can be activated in a reverse ping transponderd from the cell phone to the nano unit releasing chemicals or always containing something radioactive the Russians seem to frequently use.

Self driving cars and the highway and roads are the main money making use for the invention but with terrorists out there who need to be terminated the military should make the investment ASAP.


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