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Cell Phones and Society

Updated on May 24, 2013

Cell Phones and Society

Cell Phones and Society

The sky was such a beautiful blue and the limbs of the trees sway back and forth almost hugging the clouds. Every noon Jerome looked out to admire the beauty of nature. Some days were cloudy but even that had its beauty, swirling gray clouds that raindrops pierced through only to wind up as puddles along the walk.

The same small fox he seen time to time bound through the tall grasses to go who knows where. He swore one day he would follow him. They seemed to know each other, the creature peered into his window, whiskers so bright and black, and the white markings on his face made him unique from the others.

It became a battle of wits and a jury case between the teenage children who needed a cell phone, but the children won out getting the most expensive phones they could find. When Jerome asked why they bought such an expensive phone, the answers were… oh we get unlimited texting and the internet on this. With an arch of his brow; he then asked, but this was just for emergencies, you have your computers for that. Wails that would make your ears pin back were heard about how they Need texting made him lose the battle.

Then came the day when a note was sent home about his daughter texting too much in class and to ask her to stop since it wasn’t allowed in school. Jerome shook his head and smiled only to crumble the letter and throw it in the waste bin. The teacher must have been doing her job through protocol that the principle required. Jerome knew if he told his daughter not to use her phone in school, the pleading of what if I am abducted on the way always came up, and yes what if. Learning guilt very well from his children told him there was that chance, and guilt grasped him so hard… when he did mention it to her, that familiar argument was discussed and dropped.

Another glorious day in England, sun wavered hinting it might retreat in back of the trees for rain to follow, but the sun won and the rays were a beautiful color of purple and blues against the yellow of the sun. He planned on taking a break while watching until he remembered he had to take his son to work, and the horn of the car screamed from outside letting him know they were running late.

When he got into the car for what he thought might be a scenic drive since he had to go anyways he looked in the rearview mirror. His son sat with his girlfriend and there was no conversation, just the soft padding of fingertips on the phone’s keys. Side by side they texted each other instead of talking. The art of conversation was lost, as was the view he drove by.

A small child came out of the candy store with the largest lollipop in bright swirling colors, and a smile you never would forget. They didn’t even see her or look at each other while texting back and forth.

So many things are missed with just the cell phone as their companion, along with message centers, communicators, and the loss of nature. Sometimes we fantasize about society and science fiction.

When he was a child the elaborate communication devices were something he seen in the movies, but now they were real.

Jerome’s son Jason came home to tell him about a fight that weekend, where his friend’s phone was stolen and a bunch of the guys from school found the man who stole it and called the police. They didn’t wait for the police to take the matter in hand, but beat him until he laid there unconscious. That was his son speaking to him and there wasn’t a sound of remorse in his voice.

He asked weren’t they afraid of the repercussions of the police and he laughed.

“Why one guy, against ten.”

He shivered and sipped his tea, and couldn’t believe his son lost respect for the law which turned the matter into a sadder case. Jerome knew that with no respect for the law things would only be worse than he expected.

It turned dark, then black, without any sun or rain, just a black canvas without a star in the sky. A blank canvas, but there was a sound, a clicking of keys on the phone as more texting filled the room, nature lost once again.

© B. A. Williams

All Rights Reserved


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    • B. A. Williams profile imageAUTHOR

      B. A. Williams 

      6 years ago from USA

      Thanks for reading Rolly, and it is a shame, glad others are noticing it. Maybe we can make a difference.

    • Rolly A Chabot profile image

      Rolly A Chabot 

      6 years ago from Alberta Canada

      Hi B.A. .... thanks for this and a reminder that I do not stand alone in what I see happening today. It is so sad really when we look at the world around us. Peope have forgotten of so much beauty all around them. Instead they choose to play with their devices and ignore others right beside them. We have become such an "I" society.

      Thanks for sharing this, looking forward to reading on, very well done.

      Hugs from Canada

    • epigramman profile image


      6 years ago

      .....any reason for removing your short story from the Hub and is it personal? You really should re-post your work and be proud of it and I will promote your writing for you as much as I can ....

    • B. A. Williams profile imageAUTHOR

      B. A. Williams 

      6 years ago from USA

      Thanks Epi I worry that people are losing the grasp of beauty in the world, or the art of conversation with sounds of someone's voice or their smile. That perhaps technology will steal away the future poets and writers leaving them with electronics in their hand.

      I did have a short story on here and removed it but could send it to you if you'd like to read it.

    • epigramman profile image


      6 years ago your writing here - so true and a sign of our times - I would love to see you write more short stories - you are so good at it and this was a pleasure to read because it flowed so nicely and yet had a profound message and a great ending - sending you warm wishes and good energy from lake erie time ontario canada 2:39pm and how was your summer and what plans do you have for your fall and winter?

      Mine will be to publish a book and give you the first copy.

    • B. A. Williams profile imageAUTHOR

      B. A. Williams 

      6 years ago from USA

      Hi Mhatter,

      Thanks for commenting, and what's the old saying for having the last laugh? So now you are an infamous writer, and where are they?

    • Mhatter99 profile image

      Martin Kloess 

      6 years ago from San Francisco

      Really good! You touched on something... As a 16 year old, I worked in a candy store. Fashion.. people wore clothes they used to laugh at me for wearing. One couldn't dance at discos. We paid $25.00 to listen to an artist sing...


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