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Cell Phones

Updated on June 28, 2016

Let me tell you what I see:
You know how teens be;
Texting all the time saying stuff romantically.
And then face-to-face they just sit there quietly,
Never say a word they just hide behind a screen.
It’s not even love anymore its just memes.
Emoji’s instead of smiles and happy faces.
There’s only one face left and that’s Facebook. Thankfully MySpace is,
Gone, gone forever, no uses it.
And now we need the figures to go down on the users list,
On Facebook and Twitter and Tumblr as well.
And Instagram user’s buying followers, the hell?
What is happening to us humans? We’re no longer sane;
Constantly on our phones to hide all our pain.
Too many people get addicted to the light,
From their phones, guess that’s why they call them cell phones, now am I right?

Sadly this is the reality today of young teens all over the world; disconnected from the real world, faces in their mobile phones 24/7. Teenagers are becoming more and more ignorant by the day caring only about the amount of ‘likes’ they receive on Facebook or the amount of retweets on Twitter. It’s insane if you ask me. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not against social media or the internet at all. What I am against is the way it is being used by the youth today.

Social media is a great platform for young people who want to share their art, be it photography, poetry, creative writing, music or many other things. It is also a great way for people to communicate with each other through text and video calls, but, and I emphasise this greatly, it should not replace real face-to-face conversations entirely! I understand if you need to text someone to ask when you’s are meeting up and where, or how a family member which you haven’t seen in a long while is doing, but if all you ever do is text people online and never actually meet up with them ‘irl’ (in real life), then you are misusing the social media platform.


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