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Cell Phones There Is So Much To Say

Updated on December 16, 2010

Cell Phones Can Take You Away From Life

Hello All,

I felt the need to write a Hub about cell phones. I came across a Hubbers Hub sharing with the community how it has taken over her life. The title of the Hub is I Hate My Cell Phone.

While reading her Hub she explains how getting a cell phone in the year 2005 has changed her life. She shares her story of how it slowly become a major part of her world and how she could not go anywhere without it and how she even brought the damn thing into the bathroom with her. Her story also shares with you how she is slowly weeding herself off from the cell phone.

Dozens of people left comments on her Hub. So many people related to her story because they all went through the same addiction and now weeding themselves off from the cell phone.

Cell Phones Should Be Considered A Drug

So many of the comments left on her Hub express how they feel about someone being able to contact them 24-7. Many of them feel it is not necessary to be at everyone's beck-and-call at every moment. I happen to agree. I don't need to explain why I did not pick up and nor do I feel anyone else should. Some comments also feel having a cell phone is a convenience not for anyone else.

Because I came across the Hub I Hate My Cell Phone, I thought I would share my experience with cell phones when all of a sudden everyone around me had one.

My first cell phone was given to me in the year 2003 (give or take a year). My mother got her very first cell phone and got a package plan with three phones. One for her, one for my father and one for me. She never asked me for money and simply wanted me to have one for emergencies. I personally did not feel the need to have a cell phone but because she gave it to me, I said thanks and placed it in my bag. Before I knew it my mother was complaining I never had my phone on. She would complain to me and tell me to leave it on because when she felt the need to call me I should pick up immediately or call her right back. WHAT? I discussed with her how appreciative I was for the phone and did feel much more safe knowing I had a phone on me at all times if I got stuck or needed help. I also explained that my life has not changed in any way. We are very close and you know when I'm at work or where I was hanging out. No secrets just lived life the way I always lived it but now I had a phone in my purse which should have made me available at all times. NO! The arguments got so bad I finally gave it back and said thanks but no thanks. She gave it back to me and said it's nice to know you have one on your person if you every needed for an emergency. Can you believe it? We fought over a cell phone. Again, WHAT?

My mother was not the only person who gave me grief. When I was given a cell phone about the same time ALL OF MY FRIENDS GOT ONE TOO. All of them started to call me on my cell instead of leaving a message on my machine with my land line phone. Then they would question me why I don't have my phone on. I've had friends roll their eyes and make faces at me that I did not know my own cell phone number unless I turned it on to find it so I could give it to them (I did not want to give the number out because I never had it on). I never called myself, I never gave my cell phone number out to be contacted so why in the hell should I know the number? The phone in my eyes was for emergencies and to make that occasional phone call. When I used it and I was finished, I turned the cell phone off. To this day this is how I use my cell phone. I use it occasionally.

OK, I won't say I hate cell phones but I will say I feel people use cell phones unnecessarily. Cell phones are great to have on your person and kept on vibrate if someone really needs to get a hold of you because your on the road all the time, if your kid or family member needs to reach you once in a while or if your waiting for a very important phone call you know you need to get. I also feel there are jobs which require the use of a cell phone daily. I can understand having a cell phone at all times. I am able to see outside of my box.

Maybe someday when I am married and have children I probably will keep a cell phone on my person on vibrate in case you need to contact me but to receive or make a phone call while I'm out and about doing some errands or at work, I feel is unnecessary. Knowing my every single move is not called for.

Do you miss the good old days when you actually made plans with your friends and when you got there you talked about your day and decided what to do next? Do you miss the days when you got home to see you have a couple of messages? Do you miss having a conversation in your own home in your most comfortable clothes catching up with a friend you haven't seen all week and had something to talk about? I'm sure many people do but I choose to keep it that way for a little longer.

How do you feel about texting? I just won't do it. I've tried it and to me it was so impersonal. If you want to contact me, leave a message and I'll call back and we'll make plans. If you only have time in your life to send me a text once in a while, I say I'll see you around sometime. I'm sharing how I feel. I don't really care if people like to text but I feel texting is a joke. I watch kids text all the time and I can understand why they can't hold a conversation. They don't know how to. They don't understand socializing can be so much fun. Again, just my opinion.

One more topic to speak about is call waiting. OK, if a few selective people called me while I was on the phone already speaking to someone, I would excuse myself and tell the person who it is before I put them on hold because those few selective people calling me at this hour it must be important. I find using call waiting is rude and shows a lack of respect for you when your speaking with a friend and they must put you on hold to speak to another friend who you can easily call back in five or ten minutes. Why in the world would I put you on hold to tell the person who is on call waiting I will call them back in five or ten. If you feel what they have to say is so much more argent and important, lets end the call now and I'll speak to you soon.

OK, I feel I have vented and shared my opinion about all of the high-techie technology. High tech if used properly is great but that is not always the case.

Here is the direct link to I Hate My Cell Phone. Spare the three minutes to read it because many of you probably have become addicted to your cell phone too.


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  • mailxpress profile image

    Michelle Cesare 7 years ago from New York

    Hi Norr4me,

    Yes, I felt someone would share my opinion about the cell phones. Yes, emergencies.

  • NoRR4Me profile image

    NoRR4Me 7 years ago

    Nice hub. I have a similar view as yours. I usually have my cell phone turned off. The main reason I carry one is to have with me just in case of an emergency. For example, in case my car breaks down or something.