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Choosing Cell Phones With FM Radio

Updated on August 18, 2014

About Cell Phones with FM Radio

Music phones are great but sometimes you still want radio. A cell phone with FM radio allows you to listen to music you haven't yet heard, or to enjoy talk radio, news and so forth. These phones simply give you different options than what you can get with your MP3s.

On this page, we will tell you just a bit more about these radio cell phones and a few of the features you may want, then we'll show you some popular models.

Enjoying Radio on Your Cell Phone

If you want to enjoy radio on your cell phone there are a couple of ways to do it. There are applications that allow you to enjoy internet radio and then there are cell phones with FM radio.

If you want to stream internet radio you'll need at least a 3G smartphone and an unlmited data plan. Services like Mundu Radio can allow you to stream internet stations for free. Pandora Mobile is also available on select phones from Sprint and AT&T. Of course there are numerous other applications for streaming internet radio, a search online for streaming radio apps will reveal the many options.

For FM radio listening, you need to find a cell phone with FM radio. A few features to consider when making your choice include:

  • Sound quality
    Any good music phone needs decent audio. Some cell phones offer better base or even "3D surround sound" for better audio quality. Stereo speakers are a plus but you'll also want stereo headphones since the headphones often act as the antenna. With some phones you can listen to the radio through the speaker as well as the earphones. If you purchase earphones separately, say you want noise canceling earphones, you need to be sure they will allow you to pick up the FM radio signal.
  • Other Controls
    Balance and volume controls are a good start. Of course any station presets would also be convenient. Auto scan and mute are also great radio features to have.
  • Calling While Listening
    A good cell phone will allow you to continue making and receiving calls while listening to the radio, some will even reduce the music volume automatically to allow you to do this comfortably.
  • Easy Charging
    Using the FM radio feature on a cell phone will obviously drain the battery. You'll want to be set up to easily charge the phone. So, if you'll be out and about with it, you'll want to bring a charger along; a car charger, solar charger, or whatever you prefer and will work in your given situation.

Cell Phones with FM Radio and Your Safety

Cell phones with FM radio can provide other advantages. Safety is another benefit. It's reported that in emergency situations when the internet is down, cellular networks may be overloaded and not functioning properly, the ability to get the FM signal may be lifesaving. Emergency alerts and so forth can still be transmitted in this manner.

You can read more about this in this Emergency Notification Blog.

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