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Cell phone finder

Updated on April 2, 2013

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What you should know

Many people whine online about his / her stolen or lost mobile device. Actually I myself see a lot. Some leave a message on my personal blog or my Facebook page. People usually leave either a mobile phone number or their device's IMEI number. Others would tell me that they lost their cellular phone and ask me to track it.

Well I am not a policeman, nor am I working for mobile operators. So actually there's nothing I can do to help them find the mobile devices they lose. I feel really sad about people steal others stuff, but again I am not a police officer.

Many people think I can track a phone's location. But why? I think that is because I set up a blog about cell phone tracking years ago, and I created a few online location checking tools. But this blog I own only introduces cell phone tracking apps and news. The tools I developed are intended for advanced users only. So to summarize, I am NOT capable of tracking any cell phone. In fact no one can although some claims they can on the internet.

So this is what you need to know. If your handset goes missing, don't hope someone can track it down. Just report it to your carrier and the police.

Does cell phone tracking really work?

Now you may want to ask, does cell phone tracking really work?

Well the answer is yes. It does work, absolutely. However it only works when you have installed a GPS tracking app before you lose your handset. Although there are apps can be installed after your phone goes missing, the installation depends on a lot of things. For example, your phone needs to be on, and it can access the Internet.

So I would suggest install the app when your mobile device is still under your control. You may need to download and install the app, you may also need to create an account. But all these things are worthwhile. The time it takes can actually help get your handset back.

If you do not have the app installed, you can still ask your carrier to track your missing handset. However they may refuse your request or needs approval from police officers. Even they agree to locate your cellular device, there's not guarantee that it will return to its owner.

Pinpoint your handset

Introducing cell phone finder

Although you can not find your missing handset without installing apps beforehand, we can help if you just forget where you leave your device. For example, I sometimes leave my phone in a drawer or on the couch. Then I can not find it and it happens a few times.

In this case, you can call it using landline or another mobile phone. If you do not have any of them, then ask your family or friends to do so.

And you have another choice. If you do not want to bother your friends, there are online tools to help make a call for free. Below are two of them.

Those two services are really easy to use. Go to the website, enter your phone number and click dial. In a few seconds you will hear your ringtone if you do not turn it to silent mode. However keep in mind you need to reside in US or Canada to use them.

1 Where's my cell phone

2 Cell phone finder by Google

These cell phone finders can only find your misplaced handset. If your phone was lost or stolen, it may know work since the SIM card may be changed by the thief. In the worst scenario it could be turned off.

Do you find it useful?

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