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How to Customize Your Mobile Phone with Ringback Tones

Updated on January 5, 2010

Ringback tones let you make your phone a reflection of you.

The “I just gotta be me” mindset of today has transcended into every aspect of life. Whether it is one’s style of dress, mode of transportation, tattoos, body piercing or a unique hairstyle, many consumers are looking for a way to express themselves. One such way is by having ringback tones as part of their cell phone service plan.

If you are one of the 215 million cell phone subscribers who already have this personalization feature added to your phone, then you already know how much fun ringbacks can be. However, if you are currently looking at your phone and trying to figure out whether or not you have ringback tones enabled or are unsure what one is, then the following Q&A is for you.

Ringback Tones FAQ

1. What is a ringback tone? A ringback tone is the “music” you hear when you call someone; it replaces the ringing sound of days gone by.

2. What types of ringback tones are available? A ringback tone can be anything from music by a enormous selection of artist and genres to movie sound clips, personalized messages, and even celebrity greetings.

3. Can my mobile phone use ringback tones? Most new mobile phones have this as an available feature. But if you are unsure, simply contact your cell phone provider.

4. How much do ringback tones cost? Depending on your cell phone plan, number of ringback tones and monthly fees the average cost ranges from $.99 to $15.00.

5. Are there any other names for ringback tones? If you are looking through your mobile phone information and do not see the term "ringback tone” listed this does not necessarily mean that it is unavailable. Other terms include Call Tones, Answer Tones, and Caller Tunes.

6. How are ringback tones paid for? The charge for ringback tones is listed on the monthly bill.

7. How long is each ringback tones good for? The average lifespan of a ringback is one year from the date of purchase. At this point you can either change it to something new, or renew the “subscription”.

8. Can the ringback tones be customized? Yes, you can select specific tones for certain times of the day, day of the week or per individual callers or groups.

Ringback tones offer you the opportunity to express yourself every time someone calls. Take some time to explore the world of ringback tones- they’re fun, easy, and the choices are many.



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