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Centre Align the Slide Number in PowerPoint 2003

Updated on August 7, 2010

The footer in PowerPoint is very different to applications such as Word and Excel. You do not have the opportunity to set the alignment or format of a page number like that of which Microsoft Word provides.

This article will look at how to centre align the slide number in a PowerPoint presentation. This is a popular reason for modifying the footer. To make such modifications you need to use the presentations Slide Master.

  • Click View > Master > Slide Master
  • The Slide Master is displayed. The Slide Master is used to make the formatting and layout changes that you want to affect for the entire presentation.

The Slide Master contains placeholders for the title, text, date, footer text and the slide number. The slide number can be identified within its placeholder by the hash symbol #.

Viewing the Slide Master
Viewing the Slide Master
  • We shall remove the Footer placeholder to make room for the slide number in the centre. Select the Footer placeholder and press the Delete key
  • Select the Slide Number placeholder and click the Centre align button on the Formatting toolbar. This centres the slide number within the placeholder
  • Click the Draw button on the Drawing toolbar, Align or Distribute and then Align Center

The Relative to Slide option must be ticked. If not the Align Center option will appear ghosted and unavailable for use.

Centre align the slide number
Centre align the slide number

The placeholder is centrally aligned on the slide. This will affect the layout but does not insert the slide number. That will be done in Normal View.

  • Click the Close Master View button on the Slide Master View toolbar

Insert the Slide Number

  • Click Insert > Slide Number

The Header and Footer dialogue box appears

Header and Footer dialogue box
Header and Footer dialogue box
  • Click the Slide Number check box
  • Click in the Don't show on title slide check box to prevent the slide number appearing on the first slide
  • Click Apply to All

The slide number appears in the centre on all slides of the presentation, except the Title slide.

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