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Century Link is a Horrible Despicable Company – Century Link Sucks

Updated on May 5, 2012

Century Link Internet Embarq Qwest Internet – Same Crappy Company

Century Link = Poor Slow Service, Horrible non-existent Customer Service, Grossly Over Priced and Not Reliable.

Two years ago I signed up for Internet service with century link after I had moved residences. At that time cable service was not available at my location. So I was stuck with the DSL or nothing at all. Century Link was running a promotion for $19.95 per month for six months with no contract. Because I needed Internet right away I called them. The promotion supposedly included the fastest speed available per their marketing materials. I was told I did not qualify for the promotional price so for me the special screw me up the butt price would be $24.95 and the fastest speed I could get was 1.5. So not only did I not get anything faster than 1.5 service, I was billed $24.95 per month. I did NOT sign a contract, but again I had to have Internet Access at the time so I went ahead anyway.

At the conclusion of six months Century Link arbitrarily doubled the price of service to $49.95. Now keep in mind I was not on a contract and I was not on a promotional price - I was paying the full price of $24.95 a month which was quoted to me directly over the telephone by a Century Link Representative.

At no time did I ever get a century link my credit card information. I paid month by month with a personal check.

Immediately upon receipt of the new bill for $49.95 I called Century Link directly and canceled my service. You would think that is all you would have to do right? After all I am the customer, I am the one paying the bills. And now I was choosing to not do business with Century Link. So what do you think happened? The next month I received another bill! So this time I wrote Century Link and told them to cancel my service explaining that I already called and canceled the service. The next month I received another bill not just for $49.95, but for additional months of service which I have never used.

After calling and writing I started to throw away the additional bills. What more can I do? How do you get a company to stop billing you for services you are not using after you have already called them and written them?

The next month of course I got another bill and discontinued on for about six months. Then I received a notice that my account had been sent to collections. And now I was pissed off! The collections company was in the Seattle, Washington area. I immediately responded to this notice with the cease and desist letter and did not hear back from that collection company.

Several more months pass and today I just received another collections notice from a different collections company this time based in Massachusetts. It's been a full year now I've been dealing with Century Links BS underhanded tactics. They try to bully me into paying for services I never used or they are going to ding my credit score! POS POS POS. This is truly pathetic.

So I have now written yet another cease and desist letter. This is harassment plain and simple.

Century Link is a horrible deceitful company. They are a bunch of liars and it's truly pathetic that they would continue to bill me and send me to collections knowing full well that I owe them nothing. This is a tactic big business uses in the United States all the time. Send you to collections for money you do not owe under the threat of ruining your credit.

This is Corporate America at it's lowest common denominator, buy something one time and they continue to bill you and try to blackmail you into paying for services you never use. And if you don't keep up with these erroneous deceitful unlawful fraudulent collection notices it will damage your credit rating.

Century Lank can kiss my A$$, and preferably after I drop off yesterday's Thai food take out and before I wipe!

Century Link Embarq Qwest Internet – All the Same POS Company.

Search for Century Link Sucks

In any search engine and you will find plenty of consumer complaints about this horrible company.


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  • MikeNV profile imageAUTHOR


    6 years ago from Henderson, NV

    I would agree with you to a point. Customers have got to STOP letting themselves be walked on and Fight these practices. There are still good companies like Costco and Nordstrom that provide quality customer service. And it's not secret that they are some of the most profitable companies. The problem occurs when like you point out there are limited options available (i.e. Monopolies). This usually occurs in industries with a very high cost of entry and low competition like the Cellular Phone Service industry.

    ============= Here is how you Stop it from ruining Your Credit =========

    Whenever you receive a Collections notice. Write a very simple and short CEASE AND DESIST letter back to the Collections company within 30 days. CC and file a copy. Do not try to explain yourself. Just say. "I do not owe this company any money. CEASE AND DESIST your collections".

    That's all it takes. If they want to continue to try and collect they will have to sue you. And if it's not a large amount that is never going to happen because it costs more to go to court than collect.

  • Georgie Lowery profile image

    GH Price 

    6 years ago from North Florida

    I think all of the utility companies are starting to pull this dirty, underhanded crap. We have Hughes Net, since we're out in the middle of nowhere. The service is horrible, but it's nothing compared to the flat out ineptitude of their customer service staff. And all this for the low, LOW price of $120/month.


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