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Cessna Grand Caravan - Affordable and Reliable small plane

Updated on April 6, 2011

Cessna Grand Caravan aircraft for Srilankans

Cessna Grand Caravan is the most reliable and affordable private plane suitable for poor rich. That is the reason why I see advertisements targeting Srilankans are appearing in newspapers here. If you own a Cessna Caravan do not get offended because being rich or being poor is purely relative. I am not going to write much but collect the information in the advertisements published by Cessna Finance Corporation in newspapers here and what Robert Gibbs, VP sales has told our reporters here showing this versatile, fuel efficient, and affordable plane.

The plane used for demonstration during the promotion was on the way from the factory to Indonesia to be delivered to its owner, Susi Air. Susi air was founded with two Cessnas to efficiently deliver Lobsters and other fishery products to markets in Asian Region. Today Susi air owns a fleet of 33 Cessnas. Susi Air provides Charter flights, scheduled flights, cargo services and Humanitarian aid in natural disasters.

Cessna Grand Caravan


Versatility of Cessna Grand Caravan

Cessna boasts about the versatility of their Grand Caravan thus “And even with all the available seating, this extraordinary aircraft can change roles quickly by converting to a cargo hauler in less than 30 minutes, doubling its duty.”

Features that make the plane versatile and affordable are:

  • Ability to change to passenger, cargo or passenger and cargo combination.
  • Short take off and landing distances. (750m. and 550 m. respectively.)
  • Can be converted to an amphibious plane with optional floats.
  • Low Running costs US$400 per hour.
  • Low price tag (starting from US$ 2 million)
  • Cargo holds under the belly

Luxury configuration


Cessna citation twin jet Business plane

History of Cessna


Clyde V. Cessna is the founder of Cessna Aircraft Company. The company started in 1927 and has manufactured and sold 200,000 aircraft up to today. Among these is the most popular model C150 of which 23,800 units were manufactured. Cessna produces planes for a variety uses like passenger, cargo, trainer, amphibious, crop dusting, and as private planes. They manufacture twin jet Cessna Citation business jets.

Cessna Carvan Cargo

Technica Details

(from )

 October 1986 FAA type certification was granted to the Caravan 208B

Aircraft: Grand Caravan

Model: 208B

Seats: 12

First year produced: 1986

Total delivered in 2007: 68

Total delivered by end of 2007: 1,295

Engine: Pratt & Whitney PT6A-114A

Avionics: Bendix/King Silver Crown

Propeller: McCauley Three-Bladed, Full Feathering, Reversible

Speed: 186 knots, or approximately 214 miles per hour

Range: 1,188 nautical miles

Caravan Passenger Configuration


Prospects for Cessna in Srilanka

Srilanka is a small island and domestic air travel did not have much demand in early 1980s. Because of the terrorist activities domestic air travel in Srilanka could not develop. Threat from terrorists and the strict government control and the stagnant economy blocked the growth of domestic air travel sector too. With the defeat of terrorists, revived economic growth and increased tourist arrivals have made the demand for speedy travel increasing the demand for domestic air travel for chartered and scheduled flights. The domestic airlines operating small aircraft with 8 – 15 passenger aircraft will expand their fleets. A dozen or so new billionaires are likely to buy private planes but half of it has to be business jets like Cessna Citation X, Learjet or Gulfstream


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