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Change Radio band to USA band in Android?

Updated on March 21, 2016

Many android users are facing the same issue with this problem. They accidently switched their android phone from their current radio band to either US band or Euro Band or Asia Band.

Now what problem do they face with radio band? Their mobile network signals were lost and never came back. Those who uses dual sim phone, it happened to their current network in SIM 1 Slot. SIM 2 slot remained active and receives mobile network perfectly.

It’s a common problem now a day because people are smart not the phone, they want to extract as much as they can from their phone, which is a good thing but if you don’t know anything don’t touch. Sometimes they do and then they accidentally change the radio band to some other continent band.

How it happened?

Most of the people try to test out the android menu and touch the radio band option. They tried to access the internal menu using *#*#4636*#*# either to check the battery temperature or try to forcefully enable 3G or 4G or out of curiosity or to check radio band. If you know what you are doing then it’s good, but if you are just randomly checking everything without knowing anything about it then it might be a bit dangerous.

You can find different applications in the market or even in the play store that say they will enable your 3G or 4G for you or give you information about your phone. They do nothing, just acquire the information from the same internal menu (*#*#4636*#*#) and show it to you or just redirect you to it. But Never ever change the radio band.

What can you Access from *#*#4636*#*#?

Other than changing your signals to no signals, you can do a variety of things.

  1. Check your Phone Battery Temperature. You can check it after entering the Menu.

Menu>Battery Info>Battery Temperature.

  1. You can check each app usage Statistics, it will show you app name, last time it was used and its usage time.

Menu>Usage Statistics>

  1. You can modify or change, enable, disable, configure your WI-FI information.

Menu> Wi-Fi Information>

  1. Lastly, actually it’s on the Top, you can access your Phone info using *#*#4636*#*#. You can run ping test, check whether it’s connected to internet or not, type of network connection EDGE, 3G, 4G only for SIM slot 1 if you are using dual SIM phone and much more.
  2. You will get the selection of radio band in the phone info section. Some of the android devices gives you 3 options in the radio band drop down menu, Automatic, USA band and Euro band.

How to Enable 3G/4G using *#*#4636*#*#?

Let me give you a quick info about how it works. Your GPRS or internet with a speed, not more than 128kbps what you can call as 2G works on Edge. You can call it as GSM, Global System for Mobile communication. GSM range is good but it’s not fast and that’s why we use CDMA technology for fast transfer of data and voice packets. CDMA stands for Code division multiple access and is really-really fast. Then comes the WCDMA, Wideband code division multiple Access.

Cutting to the chase, if you want to forcefully activate 3G on your phone then do this, but remember your phone is now set to receive only WCDMA signals only that’s means only 3G signals will be accessible. If you came across in an area of 2G network your phone will show no network or out of coverage area.

Steps to activate 3G/4G forcefully in any phone.

  1. Go to the internal menu using *#*#4636*#*#.
  2. Select Phone info.
  3. There you will see “Set preferred network type”.
  4. Go to the drop down menu in preferred network type and select “WCDMA only”.
  5. You will lose your all signals for a while for about 10-15 seconds.
  6. Don’t worry you will gain your signals again if you are in 3G zone network.
  7. Enjoy 3G/4G on your phone. (3G or 4G data plan is necessary).

Not able to Select WCDMA only?

If you are using Dual Sim phone, that might happen to you as this feature only works with network in SIM slot 1. Go to settings>mobile network> SIM 2>network mode> GSM.

Turn the SIM slot 2 network mode to GSM only and then repeat the Steps to activate 3G/4G forcefully. You will be able to access 3G signals in your SIM slot 1.

Coming back to the problem of US Band, Euro Band and Asia band (radio band problem).

You don’t have any option to get out of this problem. Why I know this? Because I am a geek too, I played with it before and selected the radio band to USA band (I am from Asia). Now what did I do? Please look below how I solved the radio band problem.

What have you tried yet to solve the Radio Band Problem?

See results

What are your Options.

  1. Have you tried wiping out everything using factory reset option? Did it work? No? come to next bullet.
  2. Have you tried resetting your phone using Volume up key and power key after switching your phone off? Tried resetting your phone through android boot loader? Did it work? No? come to next bullet.
  3. Have you tried fixing your phone through the original software (companion software) from your Mobile phone provider? Did it work? No? come to the next bullet.
  4. I tried everything above, you can also try, if you need any help in above bullet points, please comment.
  5. What’s the Solution? The only solution I came up is to exchange your phone or take it to the service provider if it’s in under warranty.
  6. If it’s not under warranty, I have a solution for you, 100% Genuine, but do it, own your own risk.
  7. Flash your android phone completely and install the downloaded stock android version or Stock custom Rom. You can easily get the stock android version or Stock custom Rom for your phone online. I can’t provide link to each company’s stock android version. It’s a trouble, but you can find it easily online.
  8. You can easily flash your android device using flash CWM or TWRP recovery.
  9. You Phone will be new internally, all your signals will be restored completely and you can relax.

Flashing Android device and installing the stock ROM is completely a new topic so I won’t be able to include the tutorial here. If you have any other trouble feels free to comment in the section. I hope you like it.


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